4.332 / 4.333
Advanced Seminar in Networked Cultures and Participatory Media ⎯ Sustainable Communities, Radical Gardens and Techno-Ecologies

4.333 - Units arranged, H-Level grad
4.332 - Units: 3-3-3, Level: U, HASS Arts

Inspired by Felix Guattari's "Three Ecologies" the subject conceptually deals with the nature, bio-political resistance and networked bodies in the environment to inquire ecology of sustainable everyday life. We will study the role of artistic interventions and tactical tools to support civic agency and participatory action as well as transform, disrupt or subvert changing ecological, bio-political and social conditions in critical ways.

The course will be organized around the design of the project for the International Workshop on Techno-Ecologies in Helsinki, Finland, 2013. The workshop is conceived in cooperation with prof.Pia Lindman at the Finish Academy of Fine Arts and inquires our connectedness to the environment (natural, technological) and our dependence on available resources (material, energetic, biological, cultural). The class at MIT will collaborate with the class in Finland engaging with local communities in Finland and Boston and producing a techno-ecological art project. As such, it is integral to the class, with design research at the locale in question being a necessary component to the learning process.

There is a mandatory travel component to the class, which will travel to Finland during spring break. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to enroll in the class. There will be an application process if the class is over-enlisted beyond its capacity of 9 students.

NOTE: First class on Thursday, February 7th, 9:30-12:30, E15-283A

Lab fee: $110