Research Programs in Modern Architecture

"Research Programs in Modern Architecture" is a seminar presenting an opportunity to jointly explore architectural positions developed in modern times, whether by individual architects or by groups of architects/researchers. Imre Lakatos cast the epistemology of science as a system of competing research programs and the professor in this seminar has offered a parallel construction in the discipline of architecture. Both of those efforts will serve as the introduction to the seminar. Participants in the seminar need not follow that model, but will be asked to construct an understanding of some notable position within the discipline in modern times (referring mainly to the twentieth century, but with allowance for excursions into the late-nineteenth century or our own century).

Paper topics will be controlled in an effort to have pairs, or still larger numbers, of papers inform one another and the general inquiry.

The subject is especially directed, though not exclusively, to MArch students. In the interests of the seminar format, enrollment is limited.