Advanded Study in the History of Art ⎯ Color

Color cuts through several realms of human activity, present and past. As "qualia" (an aspect of experience rather than a measurable or material entity), it has posed intriguing problems for cultural practitioners and theorists for centuries. Color is philosophically understood as living in the mind, raising the question of whether or not it “belongs” to objects in the world. We will also explore its robust histories as a set of chemical products, a conventional naming system, a racial category, a branch of psychophysics, an anxiety-provoking discourse in art and architecture, and a huge industry attempting to both stabilize chroma and capitalize on its emotional connotations. This graduate-level seminar will have an undergraduate track and will explore the philosophy and practice of color across the history of art and architecture.

Oral presentations and research paper required.

Offered for 9 or 12 units.