Architectural Computation – Shape and Material

Over the past decade, architectural computation in research and practice has expanded vigorously into the material world of fabrication, production, and three-dimensional modeling to consolidate the relationship of design and physical interaction. Today, there is a growing interest in linking computational form that is often immaterial, graphic, and prematurely quantified with material properties of the physical world. This course focuses on the relationship of shape computing and material properties. The main learning objectives are to think and talk about material constraints and potentials in regard to shape. Students will experiment in depth with materials, while applying knowledge of visual schemas and algebras of weights to trace material, kinesthetic, and visual interactions in design. The theoretical foundation of the course is the theory of shape grammars. The course includes an introductory section on shape grammars for those new in the subject. The first part of the semester will be devoted to lectures, reading, and discussion, as well as in-class, hands-on work. The second part will be devoted to the development of individual or team projects.