Architecture Design Option Studio ⎯ CLOSEPACKED: A Mixed-Use Urban/Architecture Design Studio ⎯ (James)

Prerequisites: 4.145 or 4.153

The CLOSEPACKED Studio will explore a range of urban and architectural morphologies through the design of a high-density, mixed-use development in South Boston. The studio will bridge between architectural and urban design as the work of the architect is contextualized within the social, cultural and environmental forces of urbanization. Through a process of research, analysis and design, students will be asked to develop comprehensive and rigorous architectural proposals grounded in both a technical and broad theoretical understanding of these forces. Topics to be explored include: The Temporal Field, Planned versus Informal Development, Environmental Disequilibrium, and Architecture as Politics. The mixed-use program for development will include residential, office and commercial spaces, and recreational and cultural amenities.

The 60-acre South Boston parcel, bounded by Summer Street, E Street, West First Street and East First Street, is one of the largest undeveloped waterfront properties in Boston. The site is adjacent to one of Boston’s fastest growing development zones called the Innovation District. The district includes the Convention Center, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston Children’s Museum, mid-rise office and residential towers, and the original harbor docks. The property is owned by Pappas Enterprises, the developer of the Macallen Building on Dorchester Avenue and West Fourth Street.