Architectural Design Workshop — Your Presence Matters


Your presence matters, this is what people are calling for in Cairo, space wants you, the street needs you, come down, and something else springs out of that. Over the past two years, people have come to that point, where they believe in a co-creation that takes place, when people and space meet. A negotiation, an engagement, and a debate, as Olufar Eliasson calls it “your engagement has consequences”.

Through this workshop, I wish to explore the engagement of people and space, the in-between, and questioning its temporality.

Can we see Tahrir square or the 25th of Jan 2011 as situated within a process and not a thing? Can our perception of a given space be altered if we add their temporal dimension?

The design task is to experiment with these ideas of people, space, time and what happens in-between. The Egyptian pavilion of the Venice architectural Biennale 2014 is the context. The outcome of the workshop could be an installation, and experiential space, or an object that challenges and explores these notions.