4.368 / 4.369
Studio Seminar in Public Art/Public Sphere

4.368 - Undergraduate subject
4.369 - Graduate subject

Prerequisites: permission of instructor

This course will focus on the concept of Spatial Cultural Identity as relevant to the design and intervention of urban public space.
This course focuses on the production of art for public spaces. Public Art is a concept that has been in discussion and revision for probably as long as the evolution of the terms ‘art’ and ‘city’ themselves. The public interventions that come out of this class are not to be created as an imposition but rather as temporary manifestations intended to activate a long-term discourse. By considering art and architecture as public devices, this class explores new ways of understanding the concept of the ‘spatial cultural identity’ as relevant subject to contemporary critical discourses and practices on urban space.
We will use this concept to address and negotiate the complexities of ideas, situations, objects and materials that are inherent to any public space. Questions and concerns of culture and identity within the cartography of a space will be central to our discussion. The dialogues that come out of this class are considered a point of departure for each student to be developed from an initial concept, to a publicly diffused project.

We highly encourage students from various disciplines and backgrounds to participate in the course to share and exchange fields of knowledge.