4.474 / 4.475
Design for Sustainable Urban Futures

4.474 — undergraduate subject
4.475 - graduate subject

Prerequisites: undergraduate — 4.111; 4.401 or 4.42J
Prerequisites: graduate — 4.151; 4.461

Design for Sustainable Urban Futures introduces concepts from industrial ecology, ecological economics, regional material and energy flows, and urban resource assessment to consider a future of resource-efficient cities. This class presents the latest research on the opportunities and challenges for decoupling urban resource consumption from the growth of the city. Projects will include a comprehensive material flow analysis of the MIT campus and the development of a typology of African cities. Guests will include Julie Newman, Director of Sustainability at MIT, Prof.s Paulo Ferrao of the Instituto Superior Tecnico of Lisbon, Yuliya Kalmykova of Chalmers University, Sweden, PhD candidates Jonathan Krones (ESD) and Karen Noiva (BT) and MSc candidate (TPP) Zak Accuardi of MIT.