Architecture Design Option Studio — Granada: Design with History (N. Rabbat/C. Parreño)

4.145 or 4.153
Required of: 

This studio is an exploration of the role history plays in design.  This is not an inquiry into how typological, formal, or stylistic analysis use history.  Rather the studio aims to uncover how design is embedded in history as much as it is informed and formed by it.  Our site is Granada, the last Islamic capital in Iberia, which has reworked its past into its contemporary urban morphology and architectural image.  The studio seeks to understand that layered architectural history (or what is left of it) and to examine the interplay of tourism, archeology, heritage conservation, and urban intervention in the shaping of Albayzin, Granada’s most historic neighborhood.   

The studio will travel to Granada during Spring break, 2015. The trip will enable the students to examine on site many of the topics that we will study in studio. The trip will allow the students to choose one of the sites being developed or are slated for touristic development in Albayzin where they will design their own project.  During the trip, the studio will learn from renowned architects and historians of Granada, some of whom will be invited to MIT for lectures and reviews.