Preparation for MArch Thesis

Permission of instructor
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Can be repeated for credit.

The course consists of one semester of design research towards the completion of a proposition for the MArch Thesis. In conversations with the Thesis Advisor and the Thesis Coordinator, each student identifies a design issue, formulates a critical and representational position, and outlines a strategy for developing the thesis project.

Learning objectives and/or Pedagogical objectives (including basic course structure)
The goal of Thesis Prep is to complete a program of research—on argument, context, method of inquiry, precedent case studies, site, program, scale, representational media and design strategies. A series of readings and exercises will guide students to identify the primary questions that currently structure the discipline and the world concerns architecture is engaged in. Students will also identify a Thesis Advisor and hold regular meetings during the semester to develop the specific intention, substance, and methodology of the Thesis Project.

Completion Requirements
The course requirements are participation in weekly seminar discussions, completion of readings and assignments, and the preparation of multiple iterations of your thesis proposal ranging from a brief initial exploration through to the final proposal itself. The format of the course involves group study in seminar and studio format, periodic reviews, and an ongoing conversation with a student-identified Thesis Advisor. At the end of the semester, each student will submit a Thesis Proposal that clearly defines the argument and the complete criteria that will be addressed through the synthetic and projective work of the Thesis Project.