Special Subject: Architecture Design — EXPLORING DESIGN: Thinking through Making

Preference Given to: 

This is a studio-based class focusing on MAKING! The studio environment creates a dynamic laboratory to explore ideas related to form, space, materials, systems and structures through hands-on physical project based learning. It emphasizes the translation of concepts into constructs--thinking through making and making through thinking.

Co-taught by several faculty across art, design, architecture and technology disciplines, the course exposes students to a unique cross section of design inquiry.

Some selected projects from this semester will include:

  • contour: (Marlene Kuhn) site based landscape drawing and analysis, leading to the design of lost landscape fragments based on box kite construction.
  • continuity: (Anton Garcia-Abril) continuous line figure drawing based on the method developed by Pablo Picasso, leading to the design of towers with inherent connectivity.
  • symbol: (Larry Sass) beginning with a collection of lines, students will design a collection of 26 shapes, with which they can then laser cut and make any shape- creating their own building block system. 
  • force (John Ochsendorf) tracing the most elemental of lines, students follow Hooke’s Linethrough hanging chain and string, quickly transitioning to the design and construction of small scale brick and mortar Guastavino vaulted structures.

Come to the first class and check it out!! Wednesday, February 4th!

Print out the poster and hand out to your freshmen friends — open to freshmen in any department!