The Art/ Science Thing


Art and Science are contemporary pursuits that look at each other across an epistemological divide created in the crucible of modernity. As Aristotle once theorized the sexes, the two domains act like divided halves of a once unified soul – in this case, we might call that prior soul philosophy. This course investigates the long history of “the Art/Science thing,” and its chosen love objects — the production of “fine” arts and investigations of natural phenomena as twin Liberal Arts in the Renaissance, the artist as “natural philosopher” during the Enlightenment, the production of subjectivity/objectivity with the Scientific Method and the “science” of aesthetics, the division of science from “the liberal arts” in the industrial age, the creation of the two culture debate in the 20th century, the compelling history of image-making in both regimes, and the raiding of each others’ toolkits in the late 20th and early 21st century.

A Special Subject:  History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art seminar. 4.S62 can be repeated for credit.