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The New Global Practitioner — Incremental Housing, HAB III, Quito

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The course will focus on incremental self-developed housing and participation at the UN Habitat III Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development to be held in Quito, Ecuador, October 2016. The emphasis will be on promotion of the informal housing process, the prevalent housing delivery form in Third World countries.  

The course champions incremental housing and supporting policies, and will develop and propose a training workshop to be held in Quito, and prepare a traveling exhibit representing the Global University Consortium Exploring Incremental Housing.   Local universities and government offices will be approached to partner with the efforts in Quito.  

The workshop will be developed around comparison of two settlements in Quito, one a squatter settlement and the other a government and USAID sponsored multi-story incremental project, both which started at the same time. A field visit is considered for HAB III participants while in Quito.

The course will include background of the incremental housing process and related issues, an exploration of appropriate formal supporting policies and incremental housing as an instrument of spatial development.

A limited number of course participants will be invited to travel to HAB III in Quito, constrained by funds available.

1st meeting, Thursday, February 4.

Student Assistants: Valeria Vidal Alvarado, Francis Goyes