Special Subject: Architecture Design — Design Objects

Limited to 20

This course is an introduction to the design of objects — the products, furniture, and other everyday accoutrements that shape our modern daily experience — and the role technology plays in design. Students will follow the path from project to product through lectures, hands-on workshops, and studio assignments, and will learn how to work with materials, fabrication, electronics and programming. Topics covered will include: observation and critique of design; design methodologies, representation, and source material; user interaction and experience; rapid prototyping strategies; the relationship between design and art; serial production and distribution; limited editions and one-offs; and the interplay between industry and craftsmanship. Readings and lectures will provide a technical foundation to enable students to create their products, as well as a foundation in the historical movements and current dialogues in the design, production, and significance of objects.


Projects in 4.s10

by Marcelo Coelho, Annie Hughes, Lucia Liu, Annie Zhang, Yunyi Zhu
Fall 2016
by Marcelo Coelho, Pearl Wilmer-Shiles, Annie Zhang, Yunyi Zhu, Xin Wen
Fall 2016
by Marcelo Coelho, Annie Zhang, Yunyi Zhu, Tracy Cheng, Pearl Wilmer-Shiles
Fall 2016