Architecture Design Foundations

Required of: 
Preference Given to: 
Course 4 majors and minors

This course introduces students to the foundational concepts of design thinking. Through a combination of drawing and making, students will learn how to materialize and spatialize organizational systems, drawing from precedents in mathematics, nature, and other disciplines. Students will engage with projects at multiple scales through various media—from digital drawing, to large-scale interactive public installations. Fabrication tools and techniques such as 3-D printing, CNC-milling, lasercutting, and traditional wood-working will be used. Students will develop the technical and conceptual skills needed to communicate complex design ideas. Projection, flat-to-form fabrication, systems thinking, 2D and 3D geometry, are among the many topics that will be explored in relation to generating space. 

Projects in 4.022

by Jongwan Kwon, Iman Fayyad, Effie Jia, Kiran Wattamwar, Siobhan Finlay, Rami Rustom, Michelle Xie, Laura Li, Fano Razafindrakoto, Rinako Sonobe, Marco Aguilar, Brandon Sanchez, Illili Tegene, Alicia Nimrick, Marc Smith, Ceren Temizyurek, Lisbeth Acevedo, Matthew Bradford, Kathryn Pundyk
Spring 2017