4.154 / 4.s23
Architecture Design Option Studio — Soft Structure meets the Glass House (Mueller/Echelman/Feldman)

4.145 or 4.153
Required of: 
MArch students

Note: Schedule change for 4.S23 - now meets TR 3-6

This interdisciplinary architecture design studio and workshop will focus on the form, meaning, and construction of large-scale soft tensile structures, bringing together architects, artists, designers, engineers, and computer scientists.  The semester-long design project centers on a temporary installation to be built on the grounds of the Philip Johnson Glass House, a National Trust site in Connecticut, with support from the NEA.  Students will work collaboratively on precedent and site analysis, design tool and technology development, computation and simulation, material and fabrication experimentation, and final detailed design concepts.  Continuation of work in summer and fall 2017 may be possible.  The instructors are world-leading artist Janet Echelman, software engineer and computer graphics entrepreneur David Feldman, and MIT professor Caitlin Mueller.

The subject is offered in two versions: a 21-unit options-level studio for advanced architecture students (4.154), and a 12-unit workshop for any other interested MIT students (4.s23).  Students in the 21-unit version will attend more class hours and complete more assignments.  Students in both versions will work together in interdisciplinary teams.  Please come Tuesday, February 7 at 1pm (location to be announced) if you are interested.

Projects in 4.154

by Natalie Bellefleur, Xhulio Binjaku, Ciera Gordon, Marco Rosero, Calvin Zhong, Yifen Zhong, Frank Fang, Joseph Faraguna, Kylie Kawano, Annie Hughes, Khaoula Msaaf, Jingwen Wang
Spring 2017