4.344 / 4.345
Advanced Photography and Related Media — Images for Times of Conflict

Introduction to photography 4.341/342 OR by portfolio
Limited to 20

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This advanced photography course is designed for students who wish to explore the photographic medium as a creative and powerful tool for times of conflict. It focuses on the production of visual material as a response to socio-political tensions, bridging the gap between analog and digital technologies. Through student-driven projects, lectures, readings, film screenings, field trips and discussions, students will develop their own visual vocabulary while engaging in cross-disciplinary research and individual and collaborative assignments. A diversity of art forms is welcomed, including video, installations, sculpture, and more, as long as images and/or image-making technologies remain central. 35mm and digital SLRs, medium-format cameras and 4X5 view cameras are available for checkout.

This course is open to all students with a background in photography. Additional work required of students taking the graduate version.