Architectural Design Workshop — Alternative Concepts in Housing, Public Space and Infrastructure Systems for Low Income Neighborhoods in Georgetown, Guyana

Permission of instructor
Open only to: 
students from the first part of this workshop in IAP 2018

Working with Guyana's Central Planning and Housing Authority, sponsored by the International Development Bank, the workshop draws from existing physical, ecological, and social structures, exploring the programming and design of community centers and related open spaces as a framework for community development as well as existing and new housing prototypes.

Following a proposal by IDB, the workshop will continue the work initiated during the IAP workshop developing proposals around the following questions:

  • How can we enhance and re-imagine community center typologies, integrating digital infrastructure, public open space, and a broader collection of activities that meet local needs?
  • How can these typologies lead to replicable design standards to be used by CHPA in future projects?
  • How can architectural design contribute to the creation of more flexible, adaptive, and resilient houses?
  • How can we improve the overall quality of the built environment through housing?