Architectural Design Workshop — Rurbanism

Permission of instructor
Limited to 9
Open only to: 
SMArchS, 3rd-year MArch and DUSP students

This joint architecture and planning workshop will focus on "rurbanism" in Gujarat, India. Conversion of rural to "Rurban" and "peri-urban" settlements is the most rapid form of urbanization in India and other historically rural areas of the world. Rurbanism has the progressive aim of bringing urban amenities to rural people and places, however there is a limited record of successful design accomplishments in this realm.In joint collaboration with the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat - India, the workshop will commence in Mumbai and will include twelve days of field research in rural coastal Gujarat.

The village sites lie in close proximity to the well-known Gir Forest and Lion preserve, which has seen rapid growth following the tourist industry and offering a great opportunity for rurban development. Positive impact of growth on housing conditions and quality of life are the biggest goals for the communities in coastal Gujarat. At the same time, villages in the coastal region face multiple natural and anthropogenic hazards which will be addressed in the workshop.

Travel Dates (over IAP)

January 7 - February 3