Creative Design Prototyping

4.500 Preferred
Required of: 
Course 4 majors, Architecture minors

This is a hands-on course that uses digital fabrication as a vehicle for teaching students how to design and fabricate small homes for people in need. The aim is to better understand computation exclusively through the lens of digital fabrication.  An to learn how to deliver affordable housing with new technology. Through weekly assignments you will learn how to form a small building, prototype building components and build realistic digital mockups.Course deliverables are in the form of exercises that lead to a building as a digitally fabricated kit of parts. 

Who Should Enroll

This course works best for undergraduates interested in design and building construction.  We will not teach computer modeling, students are expected to know how to create solid and mesh models. Within the semester we will do the following:

  • A field trip visits a well designed small home
  • File to Fabrication design processing
  • learn how to apply generative CAD modeling techniques 
  • Build an online portfolio of a house

Students will master the following skills:

  1. Digital Design workflow
  2. Portfolio building
  3. Modeling methods beyond solids and rendering
  4. Home Design
  5. CNC manufacturing of Digital Mockups