Advanced Projects in Design Fabrication

Permission of instructor


This seminar explores theories and methods of design with a focus on digital fabrication. The purpose of the course is to serve as an intermediate step towards the use of fabrication tools in design studio & practice. The course is also aimed at supporting graduate research in the area of fabrication. The emphasis of the course is on process and application to develop new theories of design production based on physical outcomes. The course deliverable is a 10 page conference ready research paper. 

The environment is half that of a studio where larger design visions are broken into biweekly assignments using advanced modeling tools and fabrication devices. The emphasis is on design learning through in depth studies and testing new researched systems. Advanced learning is done through hands on tutorials, field trips and a working environment that combines research with design studio interaction. Projects range from small furniture design to full scale physical mockups.

Who should take this course

This course is designed for second and third year MArch or first year SMArchS students interested in guided experimentation with CNC machines and a robotic manipulator arm. Second, the course is also suited for designers interested in learning a research workflow from physical project planning to conference presentations and research writing. 


Wk. 1-2 Modeling Methods (solids, surfaces and mesh)

Wk. 3-4 Prototyping and CAD/CAM

Wk. 5-6 Manufacturing & Fabrication

Wk. 7-8 Project Proposal

Wk. 9 - Guest Speaker

Wk. 10 - Project Presentation