Special Subject: Architecture Design — Orthographies: Drawing Operations

Permission of instructor

Our modern world is a drawn world. How do drawings help us perform the necessary operations to construct it? What is considered drawing now and how do new kinds of drawings make new things?

In this course, we will be looking at, talking about, and making, all kinds of drawings. It is an in-depth exploration of drawing practices in dialogue with various forms of knowledge representation, such as writing, reading, coding, sculpting, mapping, and digital imaging. This course considers drawing as process, as performance, and as an instructional technique. Portions of course will be dedicated to the intersection of drawing practice with design, poetry, anthropology, scientific experimentation and computational tools. Drawing exercises prompt inquiry into key themes in contemporary design practices, such as classification, mimicry, seriality, augmentation through machine-assisted techniques and negotiations between analog and digital interfaces. 

Weekly lectures, guest presentations and discussions shape individual project trajectories. Course materials are distributed on are.na. Students contribute to this working archive by curating a body of research to complement individual drawing projects. In this course, drawing research is situated within a broader landscape of cultural production to address parallel concerns in other disciplines.

  • Students with varied backgrounds are encouraged to attend.
  • Undergraduates welcome.
  • Additional work required of students taking the graduate version.

Fall 2017 Orthographies course syllabus, content and student work can be found at https://www.are.na/lucy-siyao-liu/orthographies.