Special Subject: Structural Design — Design for Robotic Assembly

Permission of instructor
Limited to 15

In the past decade, industrial robots have emerged as an exciting and increasingly powerful tool for fabrication and assembly at the architectural scale.  Many examples from architectural research labs and practices around the world show the potential of robotic techniques to empower mass customization and high precision in construction workflows for the built environment.  Combined with parametric design and other computational design methods, robots offer new ways to materialize geometries and forms conceived digitally.

In this subject, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of robotics for architectural construction, with a focus on assembly of discrete parts into medium- and large-scale designs.  We will also engage precedent work and the research context of architectural robotics critically, with the aim of developing new research ideas that advance the current state of knowledge.  Finally, we will consider the act of design in response to the specifics and constraints of robotic construction.  Over the course the semester, students will complete three design-build projects, working first individually and then in teams.  The goal for the end of the semester is to design and implement an architectural-scale installation.