Design Studio: Introduction to Design Techniques and Technologies

4.021 or 4.02A
Limited to 25
Required of: 
BSA, BSAD, Architecture Minor
Preference Given to: 
Course 4 and 4B majors; Design/Arch minors; and 1st- and 2nd-year students

This class introduces students to the creative design process through acts of making & breaking. The studio environment provides a dynamic laboratory to explore ideas related to form, space, materials, systems, and structures through physical, project-based activities. This class emphasizes the translation of concepts into constructs--thinking through making, and making through thinking. This course is specifically created to play off of students’ non-design education by introducing a domain of investigation whereby students can learn to design through the lens of cross-disciplinary experimentation. Three primary exercises will help develop student’s techniques of drawing, fabricating and building.

DRAW: Serial Drift
The first project explores processes of drawing by looking at systems, rules and generative principles. Students will look at precedents from Sol LeWitt, Josef Albers, Emma McNally and other practitioners who have engaged in serial drawing projects.

AB: Physics Fabricator
The second project explores processes of making, breaking or recursive production through a physical, three dimensional system. The notion of systems, rules and generative principles as formative design processes explored in the first exercise is expanded from drawing to object.

BUILD: Structures
The final project focuses on building large-scale structures and testing the limits of their structural, behavioral, or formal characteristics. Through their previous precedents, generative drawings and newly formed material processes, the students will develop physical structures that explore and exploit relationships between form, material, and behavior, designing structures that break, fail or transform in unusual or productive ways.