4.373 / 4.374
Advanced Projects in Art, Culture and Technology — Quasi Color

UG: 4.301 or 4.302 or permission of instructor; G: permission of instructor
Lab Fee: 
Per-term $75 fee after Add Date; SMACT students are exempt
Limited to 20

UG: 4.373; G: 4.374

Over the course of the semester, we will address some of the crucial questions, problems and strategies regarding our perception and use of color in relation to making and designing objects and spaces. Readings from the research fields of art history, personality and social psychology, linguistics’ “color naming debate” and anthropology will be framed in the context of contemporary art and design. We will also discuss use of color as a tool for classification, data visualization and mapping.

Most importantly — this is a hands-on course which primary goal is to connect individual student’s contextual and theoretical research with art making and establish student’s straightforward relationship with ACT’s workshop. The broader goal is to acquire a deeper understanding about methods and frameworks of artistic research and at the same time to relate this understanding to the history of artistic practice at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies, predecessor of the Program of Art, Culture and Technology — ACT.

Additional work required of students taking graduate version.