Architecture Design Option Studio — Igneous Tectonics: Carbon to Rock (Parreño)

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CARBON TO ROCK, is the third studio of the series Igneous Tectonics. Igneous Tectonics addresses global cultural and environmental conflicts by engaging local materials in volcanic landscapes. The work developed in these studios aims to reveal hidden opportunities where climate, history, geology, scientific research, advance technology and indigenous knowledge are within the material pallet of the project of architecture. After “IgnTcns Villarrica: GEOLOGICAL CRAFT” and “IgnTcns Atacama: ECOLOGIES OF EXTRACTION, Igneous Tectonics presents “IgnTcns Iceland: CARBON TO ROCK”

CARBON TO ROCK will revolve around global warming as a planetary ecological consequence of anthropogenic CO2 emissions. The studio will investigate the roll of volcanic rock in the planetary cycle of carbon dioxide.  We will research the industrial process to capture CO2 from emission sources or directly from the air and permanently store it as rock as a way to mitigate global warming. The research will lead to a series of architectural speculation that integrate infrastructure and space making with new advance technologies of carbon sequestration.

As an integral part of the course the studio will travel to Iceland to visit CarbFix which is located in the  Hellisheidi geothermal power plant. CarbFix is the first pilot in the world that has successfully tested the industrial process of CO2 sequestration in basalt formations transforming atmospheric carbon dioxide into rock in a period of two years. The trip to Iceland will give students the opportunity to see these infrastructures in situ, to engage with the scientists in charge of CarbFix and to visit the geothermal valley of Haukadalur, home of the geysers Geysir and Strokkur.