Architectural Design Workshop — Crop Circles

Permission of Instructor
Limited to 12
Preference Given to: 
MArch, SMArchS, qualified BSA/BSAD

In an era where GPS, laser measurements, and lidar equipment are ubiquitous; little knowledge exists surrounding the task of scaling up precise geometric operations with the scale of architectural construction. What could we learn today by looking back to moments of the past that were forced to deploy string-based geometries to address landform survey? This workshop is dedicated to measuring, decoding, and developing survey recipes that produced landform constructions of the past. These include the stone circles of northern Europe, the Nazca lines of South America, the Celestial alignments of Mayan cenotes, or even the crop circles of the previous century. Students will first trace and decode how these precedents were constructed, or the invisible devises used to generate these complex geometries. They will then analyze those devises to develop a receipt that could produce other variations of the precedent. Finally, they will employ those recipes to develop their own landform geometry that can be deployed at scale in an open field. The final review of these results will be documented through aerial drone footage.

Students will develop analysis and recipes that will be compiled together into a collective cookbook of these ancient methods. Additionally, students will produce a crop-circle of their own at scale that will be documented and verified through aerial drone footage.


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