Architectural Design Workshop — Case Studies in Mixed Income Housing

Permission of instructor
Limited to 8
Preference Given to: 

Can be repeated for credit.

In 1976 the first UN Habitat Conference took place and Housing as a Constitutional Right was Proposed. Each ten years this has been reaffirmed and by 2016 most of the world had included this pledge in their national constitutions. The most significant outlier is the United States and many countries do not have the resources to fulfill this. Lebanon, although pledged, has no history of building affordable units, there are none in Beirut, and no legal or financial mechanisms currently exist to do this. After the blast in the Port the current shortage of housing has become extremely acute.

This workshop is the start of a two year commitment by LCAU and the Urban Lab of AUB, the American University Beirut, to address the housing deficit. In the process of rebuilding neighborhoods shattered by the explosion a more inclusive approach is needed to housing reflecting the character of these former lively mixed use environments.

The intention of this workshop is to seek out the most inventive examples of housing built globally that includes some portion of affordable units. Low-rise high-density, walk-up units, mixed use, including community spaces, income producing aspects, interesting lower-cost construction systems, community involvement/ investment. We will have some input from a visiting Professor to the Center for Real Estate on financing strategies. We will edit  and critique these approaches and develop design criteria for testing in the next stage.

By the time that the workshop begins we expect to have a pre-selection of examples to discuss the format for analysis, presentation,  and most relevant issues to consider.