Preparation for SMArchS Thesis

Permission of instructor
Required of: 
SMArchS computation, SMArchS urbanism

Students select thesis topic, define method of approach, and prepare thesis proposal for SMArchS degree. Faculty supervision on an individual or group basis. Intended for SMArchS program students prior to registration for 4.ThG. In person not required

Thesis preparation is generally taken by students in the second year of the program. However, incoming international SMArchS students planning on traveling to campus may need to register for 24 units of this in-person subject and meet with their advisor on a regular basis.

Each section (D1: Design/Urbanism, D2: Design & Computation and D3: For international students in SMArchS degree programs for HTC, AKPIA and BT)

Recitation times below reflect the time slots that are available to access an assigned desk in studio, or to access labs.

MTWRF 9-12
MTWRF 7-10