4.368 / 4.369
Studio Seminar in Art and the Public Sphere

UG: 4.301 or 4.302; 4.307; 4.312 or permission of instructor; G: 4.307; 4.312 or permission of instructor
Lab Fee: 
There will be NO lab fee for Spring 2021
Limited to 12

Focuses on the production of artistic interventions in public space. Explores ideas, situations, objects, and materials that shape public space and inform the notion of publicness, with an emphasis on coproduction and cooperative ethics. Examines forms of environmental art in comparison to temporal and critical forms of art and action in the public sphere. Historical models include the Russian Constructivists, the Situationists International, ecosystematic aesthetics, conceptual art, and contemporary interventionist tactics and artistic strategies. Helps students develop an initial concept for a publicly-situated project. In person not required.

Additional work required of students taking graduate version.