4.501 / 4.511
Tiny Fab: Advancements in Rapid Design and Fabrication of Small Homes

UG: 4.500; G: permission of instructor
Lab Fee: 
Limited to 12
Required of: 
BSA; restricted elective for BSAD, MArch, Arch and Design minors
Preference Given to: 
Course 4 majors and minors, MArch

Introduces industrial production methods for transitioning to a digital platform of home production. Presents an in-depth overview of past industrial-based systems of home production followed by the presentation and exploration of new and emerging digital systems of home delivery, from computer numerical control (CNC) fabrication to 3-D printing. Discusses fundamentals leading to the development of new ideas for tiny, minimalist living and fab for a particular community. Introduces basic skills in design communication through 3-D modeling, prototyping, and full-scale CNC fabrication.

Additional work required of students taking graduate version.