Special Subject: Architectural Computation — Hybrid Architectural Robots: Linking Prototypes with Simulations (summer)



  • Workshop occurs in Summer 2020 but registration is for the Fall 2020 term.
  • Expected number of work hours per week: 11
  • Prerequisites: Willingness to learn computational methods in electronics arduino, grasshopper and related platforms as needed; permission of instructor
  • To enroll, please contact the instructor or TA of the class first.

The course is an exploration of hybrid Architectural Robots – meaning robotic buildings that are part physical prototype using electronics and sensors and part real time simulations to explore the possibilities of linking human experience with larger scale architectural interactive prototypes in a time where larger scale physical prototypes are not realistic and demands on architecture have developed to enable physical distancing in the health crisis of the pandemic. But it also opens up possibilities to work simultaneously at multiple scales from the tangible interface to holistic building responses and further explore this emerging side of design beyond the formal into the behavioral. The four week course will be a design based exploration of robotic buildings in a time of heightened awareness of human interactions in indoor environments and the possible roles an aware architecture could play in mediating and learning from people’s actions in space. There will be a series of assignments to introduce electronics sensing and actuation and approaches to connect hardware with software geometry based model extensions in grasshopper and processing.