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Aug 26, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Three of our graduates have joined the faculties at Rice, Knowlton and SAIC:

David Costanza (MArch '13, SMBT '15) joins Rice School of Architecture as First Technology Fellow

Aug 26, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Aurimas has written to tell us about his award and his research on experimental structures that make use of "whole timber." 

Aug 19, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Höweler + Yoon's ShadowPlay opened recently in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The project is a public parasol at an urban scale formed by an aggregation of geometric modules. Together, the modules create a hovering canopy which filters the intense Phoenix sun, casting variable shadows on the pedestrian space throughout the day. Photovoltaic panels mounted to the top surface of several cells generates the power to illuminate the parasol in the evening. 

Aug 21, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Tozzer Anthropology Building by Kennedy & Violich Architecture Featured in Architect Magazine

Jul 24, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Timothy Hyde is guest editor of the latest issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Architectural Education. Entitled "Crisis," the issue includes an editorial by Hyde, as well as the work of Rania Ghosn and alumna Panayiota Pyla (PhD'02).

View digital version:

Jul 20, 2015 - 6:00 PM
Jul 01, 2015. Posted by Site Admin

Last winter painfully highlighted the public transportation challenges facing the Greater Boston region, as the struggles of the T became the struggles of Bostonians and Massachusetts residents to get to work and manage their daily lives.

Jun 16, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

The architecture firm of [#J. Meejin Yoon and partner Eric Höweler is featured in an article describing the firm's diverse range of projects. 

Jun 12, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Elizabeth Yarina is the first runner-up for the 2015 RAMSA Travel Fellowship, while alumna Kayla Manning, BSAD '11, received honorable mention. 

Yarina's runner-up proposal, Littoral Urbanism: Vernacular Stilt Architecture Communities as Models for Coastal Living, "impressed the judges for its clarity."

Jun 10, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Caleb Harper, SM '14, and Research Scientist and lecturer for the Department of Architecture, Skylar Tibbits, were recently named among National Geographic's 2015 Emerging Explorers. Four were chosen from the School of Architecture + Planning, including two from the Media Lab.

Jun 05, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Michael Kubo, PhD Candidate, and Michael Rakowitz, SMVisS '98, are among the 2015 winners of the Graham Foundation grants.

Kubo's work, HEROIC: Concrete Architecture and the New Boston, co-authored with Chris Grimley and Mark Pasnik, won in the Publication group. The piece examines the "powerful, civic-minded legacy" of Boston's architecture from 1960 until 1976. 

Mar 18, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Matter Design and Quarra Stone have announced this week that Dustin Brugmann of the University of Michigan and Luisel Zayas of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been selected as the inaugural 2015 QuarraMatter Fellows.

Jun 05, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Architectural Design Professor Sheila Kennedy's work with inexpensive materials to create flexible public infrastructure, such as cardboard street lights, is featured in a CBS News video. Prof. Kennedy describes the project and its applications, and discusses the ideas behind it. In her position as visiting professor at UC Berkeley, where she is the 2014 Berkeley-Rupp Prize winner, she has developed a studio called Here There to design practical solutions for the developing world. 

Jun 02, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

The Eyeo Festival is celebrating its fifth year with talks, workshops and interactions with open source instigators and practitioners.

J. Meejin Yoon will present "Interactive Play in Public Space" as the keynote lecture on Tuesday, June 2.

Jun 01, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

"[W]hat I most want is for us to have a debate about what is appropriate for an engineer to do when approaching a structure that’s more than a century old and where we have an obligation to think beyond our own lifetimes when we intervene," says Professor John Ochsendorf in a recent interview with Nautilus Magazine for its issue on Error. Ochsendorf, who teaches architecture and engineering, discusses the Masonry Research Group's current work testing the structural limits of the Pantheon, his past work on Incan woven suspension bridges, engineering interventions in historical buildings, amo

Jun 01, 2015. Posted by Hannah Loomis

Landing Studio, founded in 2005 by Marie Adams (MArch ’06) and Dan Adams, was named one of the six recipients of the 2015 Architectural League Young Architects and Designers Award. Landing Studio’s work focuses on the intersections of architecture, infrastructure, and landscape in industrial settings, which often dwell in uneasy alliance. Their clients and projects range from port facilities and ocean transport to demolition plans and shared industrial/public park landscapes.

May 28, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Several MIT Architecture students and alumni are participating in the New Museum's conference Ideas City this weekend.

May 28, 2015. Posted by Irina Chernyakova

Beomki Lee, M.Arch '15, wins 3rd Prize for his thesis project, [ME]morial in the International Architecture Thesis Awards 2014. [ME]morial creates a new relationship between individual memory and the individual in order to create a physical environment which offers a new way of experiencing memorial space. The project proposed a new memorial architecture for the victims of the March 2011 tsunami in the Tohoku region in Japan.

Jun 11, 2015 - 6:30 PM
2311 Massachusetts Ave...  
May 27, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Celebrate Summer and Meet SA+P’s New Dean at the Haitian Embassy in DC! 

Meet School of Architecture + Planning Dean Hashim Sarkis at an SA+P cocktail reception featuring hors d'oeuvres with a Caribbean flair. 

May 21, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

The Arts at MIT awarded Tsz Wai Alan Kwan the 2015 Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Prize in the Visual Arts. Alan is a first year student in the Master of Science of Art, Culture and Technology program. His work, Shadow Donation, is a light installation that causes the shadows of a tree from the Mojave Desert to be cast from a native Hong Kong tree. 

May 18, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

Undergraduate student in Architecture, Tiandra Ray, found the "perfect fit" joining her interests in architecture with community building. 

Read more:

May 15, 2015. Posted by Olivia Huang

Jie Zhang, who recently earned her MArch in February 2015, was named winner of the Student award for her environmentally-conscious “Thirsty House” design that acknowledges the scarcity of water as a resource. Morgan Gerdel, AIA, who received his B.S. in Art and Design in January 2000, was honored with the Small Spaces award for his 1,000-square-foot, LEED-certified  “Maui Cottage” which aims to be energy and material efficient.

May 14, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

"Fire stations rarely become topics of architectural interest. Yet, 50 years later, the Fire Station in the Belgian town of Asse, designed by ORG (Organization for Permanent Modernity) promises to do just that, providing an interesting comparison and view of current architecture culture." - (The PLAN ed. 082)

May 14, 2015. Posted by Darren Bennett

ORG, the Organization for Permanent Modernity, was selected and appointed for the design of a territorial urban vision for the future Metropolis of Aix-Marseille-Provence. At the start of 2016, Aix-Marseille-Provence will become one urban region on a policy level. In preparation of this, design teams have been appointed to formulate a long term vision for this new metropolis, in dialogue with stakeholders and each other. The project is of a significant national importance in France, as Marseille is the second largest city of the country.