Fall 2023 public program

MIT Architecture is pleased to announce our fall 2023 public program; a continuing conversation on where we are now, centered on our department’s convergence of design, practice, and research. 

This semester, MIT Architecture will challenge and reveal the complexity of the labor of architecture; the parts that precede buildings; buildings, people, and plants; decarbonizing structures and structuring decarbonization; Daylighting and the impacts of natural light on building inhabitants beyond what the eye can see; the Great Flood to the Great Migration; the power of design; electric genealogyand the politics and materialities of Indian construction sites. At each event, we invite in-person visitors and remote audiences to study and question how architecture shapes the ways we make, and change, the world. 

This series is a collaboration between the faculty, staff, and students of MIT’s Department of Architecture, which includes architects, designers, urbanists, historians, critics, anthropologists, theorists, artists, and experts in computation and building technology. MIT Architecture will also continue a collaboration with MIT’s Morningside Academy for Design.

Alongside these academic programs and public events, student- and faculty-run exhibits, publications and platforms and salons expand our agenda. Fall 2023 features two exhibitions in our Keller Gallery: Iraq: Beyond the River, curated by Huma Gupta featuring the work of Sadik Kwaish Alfraji and Sama Alshaibi, opening September 29; Manual of Biogenic House Sections by LTL Architects (Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis), opening November 17. 

Events are held in-person, and streamed on our Youtube channel. We invite you to explore the full public program below and find more details including links to webcasts on our events calendar. Learn more about all we do at architecture.mit.edu.

Fall 2023 public program, MIT Department of Architecture

September 21: Amale Andraos/WORKac
“Buildings, People, Plants”
28th Pietro Belluschi Lecture

October 5: Marilyne Andersen
“Daylightful indoors beyond what eyes can see”
Presented with the Building Technology Program

October 12: Gilles Retsin
“Parts that precede buildings”
Presented with the Design and Computation Group

October 19: Kim Yao and Stephen Cassell of Architecture Research Office/ARO in conversation with Jared Della Valle
The Ahmad Tehrani Symposium

October 26: A panel discussion with Sama Alshaibi, Sadik Alfraji, and Huma Gupta
“From the Great Flood to the Great Migration”
Presented with the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture and the Art, Culture, and Technology program

November 2: Kate Simonen
“Decarbonizing Structures: Structuring Decarbonization”
The Edward and Mary Allen Lecture in Structural Design
Presented with the Building Technology Group

November 7: Lina Ghotmeh
Presented with the Architecture and Urbanism Group

November 9: Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carruthers of Dream The Combine
“The Right To Look”
Presented with the Architecture and Urbanism Group

November 15: MAD—Morningside Academy for Design
The Power of Design Forum

November 16: Sarah Kanouse
“My Electric Genealogy”
Presented with the Art, Culture, and Technology program

November 30: Namita Dharia
“The Labor of Architecture: the politics and materialities of Indian construction sites”
Presented with the History Theory Criticism group

Our fall 2023 public program is supported in-part by the Arthur H. Schein (1951) Memorial Fund.