Sheila Kennedy, Ryan Murphy, and Meejin Yoon honored in 2015 awards ceremony
Architecture Faculty Win Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Awards
"He was a distinguished professor, significant scholar, generous mentor, and the long-term intellectual consciousness of the department”
Professor Stanford Anderson, Co-founder of HTC, former Dept. Head, Dies at 81
The award is presented each year to an “individual or team who has demonstrated leadership, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and success in the pursuit of science and technology.”
Skylar Tibbits named 2015 Innovator of the Year by R&D Magazine
Neck of the Moon cleans up the orbital environment by compacting targeted space debris into a new satellite planet that orbits the Earth.
Rania Ghosn, DESIGN EARTH, wins Jacques Rougerie Competition
'a blur of bright lights and billboards, noise, steam, passion and possibilities'
Collective—LOK to design Times Square Valentine Pavilion
We are delighted to announce that Professor John E. Fernandez '85, Director of the Building Technology Program in the Department of Architecture, has agreed to serve as the next director of MIT's Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI), effective immediately.
Fernandez to Head MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative