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Imprint is a publication designed and compiled by graduate students at MIT Architecture--a collective document that makes space for every student who chooses to participate. It is a material trace that documents the Department of Architecture over the course of one semester.

Each issue encapsulates current critical and creative works, produced across discipline groups and programs, and in various formats. Imprint 02 shakes hands with Imprint 01--an extension, a memory, a simple "hello!" to a long-lost friend. This second issue, conceived of during a dispersed Spring semester, continues to rely on the future commitments of students to transform these volumes into an ongoing, immortal archive. Imprint 02 is inherently characterized as a complex reflection of work, temporally bounded and unbounded. Imprint 03 marks a return, an arrival for some, and a reunion for most. This third issue is the first volume to collect and bind together work that has been produced with full access to our studios and shops. Sprinkled throughout are interviews that reflect not only the research being done within the Department but also the indispensable day-to-day work that is all too often overlooked. This issue is a spotlight on material artifacts, physical interactions, and sites of encounter. By gathering the objects that we make, spaces that bring us together, and places that we imagine, it asks: How should we engage with topics, groups, and locations outside of ourselves? Ultimately, Imprint 03 is a reflection on work through a celebration of collective discourse, exchange, and collaboration.

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Imprint 03 was designed and edited by Tejumola Bayowa, Patricia DueƱas Gerritsen, and Jay Maddox with advisors Miko McGinty, Nicholas de Monchaux, and Aidan Flynn.