Department of Architecture Staff

Main Office

Nicholas de Monchaux — 617-324-7474, Room 7-337, 
Department Head, Professor

Jacqueline Dufault — Room 7-337, Slack: @Jacqueline Dufault, 
Director of Administration and Finance: Budget management, operations management, accounting, sponsored research, human resources, space, visa and appointments review and approvals, appointments, TA approvals, studio travel proposals/approvals, workshop proposals/approvals


Alejandra (Alixe) Huete — 617-324-7474, Room 7-337A,
Assistant to the Department Head: Questions about faculty affairs, departmental meetings or initiatives, promotion and tenure, 

Darren Bennett — 617-253-3615, Room 7-337, 
Webmaster, Graduate Admissions Coordinator: Department website including creating instructor profiles, introduction to website resources specific to instructors

Kateri Bertin — 617-253-4408, Room 7-337,   
Academic Administrator: MArch, SMArchS, SMBT, SMACT academic administrator; department and Institute academic policies; registration; graduate student personal support; thesis reviews; design studio allocation process; design studio space requests; graduate admissions information

Nandini Choudhury — 7-301A,
Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Officer: supports students and staff in the department’s ongoing work to grow and sustain an inclusive and equitable community.

Tessa Haynes — 617-253-7792, Room 7-337,  
Academic Programs Manager: Manages Student Services team, Undergraduate and PhD academic administrator, registration, grades, department and Institute academic polices, student personal and academic support, staff to the Committee on Graduate Students and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Doug Le Vie — 617-253-9824, Room 7-337,
Fiscal Officer: Appointment/Payroll related issues

Tonya Miller — 617-253-7386, Room 7-344A, 
Schedule & Catalog Lead: Class scheduling, final exam scheduling, SMBT student coordinator, syllabi, PEI internships, course evaluations, faculty, staff and thesis  websites

Claudine Monique (also Art, Culture, and Technology) —617-324-6289, Room E15-209, 
Academic Assistant: HASS minors & concentrations, cross-registration, TA’s, booking rooms, ACT student/faculty website, travel

Paul Pettigrew — 617-715-5778, Room 7-337,  
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs: Undergraduate Outreach, Undergraduate Architecture Majors/Minors, Undergraduate Design Majors/Minors, Internships & Micro-Internships, Career Development/Career Fairs, Alumni Outreach, NAAB Accreditation Monitoring/Coordination

Alan Reyes — 617-253-7387, Room 7-337,  
Finance/HR HQ Administrative Assistant: Financial Services, Student Payroll, MIT Architecture International Scholars Office Liaison(Visiting Scholars/PostDocs), Assist Administrative Officer & Fiscal Officer

Venecia Siders — 617-253-9824, Room 7-344A, 
Senior Financial Assistant: Faculty research funding


Eduardo Gonzalez — 617-452-4720, Room 10-322A,   
Computer Support Assistant: Assists faculty, staff and students get up and running with computer and printing. Performs maintenance of computers, printers and other systems around the Department

Michael Gallino — 617-324-9740, Room 10-322A, Director of Technology, STOA: Technology consultation and facilitation, collaboration platforms, endpoint management and support, and technology operations and infrastructure

John Hoder — 617-253-7908, Room 10-322A,  
Systems Administrator: Implementing infrastructure, asset management, system maintenance and end-user support


Architecture & Urbanism

Eleni Aktypi —617-253-7494, Room 10-491M,
Administrative Assistant: Managing design studio budgets, processing guest critic honoraria, issuing studio expense reimbursements, managing visiting faculty travel budgets and providing reimbursements

Taariq Alasa — 617-253-4412, Room 10-491M, 
Administrative Assistant: Design studio travel arrangements, faculty reimbursements, travel reports, supply orders

Art, Culture, and Technology (ACT)

Scott Tirrell —617-324-6076, Room E15-211,
Administrator Officer: Administrative, financial, and HR-related questions pertaining to the Program in Art, Culture, and Technology

Claudine Monique (also Main Office staff) — 617-324-6289, Room E15-209, 
Academic Assistant: HASS minors & concentrations, cross-registration, TA’s, booking rooms, ACT student/faculty website, travel

Building Technology (BT)

Jennifer Roesch —617-253-1876, Room 5-418, 
Administrative Assistant: Procurement card charges, reimbursements, class scheduling, lab seating coordination, travel report submission, BT-related event planning, office supply orders, lecture series travel report submission and honoraria processing

Design and Computation

Inala Locke —617-258-0931, Room 7-301, 
Administrative Assistant: Procurement card charges, reimbursements, office supply orders, lecture scheduling, TA payroll assistance, travel report submission 


Kathaleen Brearley —617-253-8439, Room 3-305, 
Administrative Assistant: HTC Subject coordination from planning through grades. Local Orientation

Diana Rooney —617-253-1400, Room 10-390,
AKPIA Administrative Assistant: Orientation for arriving AKPIA scholars, announcement of academic research to the interested community at MIT,  procurement card charges, reimbursements, travel report submission, AKPIA related event planning, office supply orders, lecture series travel report submission and honoraria processing