Are you a designer? Are you interested in learning about design opportunities at MIT? Join us at DesignPlus!

DesignPlus is a First-Year Learning Community currently recruiting members of the Class of ’26 to be part of our exciting second year. 

Design is an interdisciplinary field and way of working that spans many departments and schools at MIT. The DesignPlus community will help first-year students learn the design process, develop new skills in making designs, connect with design-oriented peers and faculty, and learn about ways to build design into the rest of their MIT education, regardless of major.

The academic program is flexible to account for diverse student interests within the field of design, and students will work with advisors to select a mix of academic and experiential opportunities. If you are interested in joining DesignPlus, please be sure to rank it as your first preference on the advising application and answer the additional question about why you are interested in joining the community.

Key Points

• DesignPlus will help incoming first-year students explore possibilities in design across MIT

• Group of about 30 creative students will be invited to join DesignPlus

• A dedicated study space and lounge with maker space will provide a second home on campus

• Opportunities around design such as internships, international travel, and UROPs with some of the most exciting design labs at MIT

Questions About DesignPlus?

Q: Are there any required GIR classes for DesignPlus students?

A. DesignPlus will not have required GIR classes during its first year. 

Q: Are there any course requirements for students enrolled in DesignPlus?

A: Yes, there is a weekly seminar for all students enrolled in DesignPlus.

Q: It seems that many undergraduate design-related classes at MIT are designed to be hands-on. Would you say that description is accurate, and could you elaborate on how hands-on projects are used to enhance the learning of undergraduate class content?

A: Hands-on design/making opportunities can be found in a variety of departments, classes, majors, minors, and extracurricular activities/groups at MIT, and DesignPlus helps to develop and explore new ways of making. DesignPlus students will work with first-year advisors to select their unique collection of GIR, major/minor specific classes, elective classes, and/or experiential opportunities. DesignPlus faculty, advisors, and associate advisors will be able to work with DesignPlus students to identify the classes within their anticipated major/minor that place an emphasis on making as part of the learning process.

If you have additional questions about DesignPlus, please contact Paul Pettigrew at