Building Technology

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    Low-Cost, Low-Carbon Structural Components for Housing in India, Digital Structures Group.

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    Introduction to Structural Design- taught by John Ochsendorf.

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    Structural lattice additive manufacturing, Digital Structures Group.

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    Mapdwell Solar System- Sustainable Design Lab.

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    Guastavino Vault Replica- John Ochsendorf, Suk Lee, Nicky Soane, Simon A. Okaine.

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    Frozen Forces IAP: Lightweight Structural Ice Shells- led by Caitlin Mueller.

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    Courtyard Vault, built by Jonathan Dessi-Olive for workshop led by Mark West and John Ochsendorf.


The Building Technology (BT) Program at MIT is a group of students, faculty and staff working on design concepts and technologies to create buildings that contribute to a more humane and environmentally responsible built world. Our work ranges from fundamental discovery to full scale application. Strategies employed toward these ends include integrated architectural design strategies, resource accounting through material flow analysis and life cycle assessment, structural design and optimization, building and urban energy modeling and simulation, human comfort analysis, control design and engineering, and other technologically-informed design methods. Students interested in any of these strategies will be challenged to address topics of clear and important relevance to the future of the built environment through creative and analytically rigorous approaches.

Research areas supervised by the faculty address innovative materials and assemblies, emerging and nontraditional building materials, low-energy and passive building energy strategies; innovative analysis and modeling of historic structures; performance-driven computational design approaches; and various issues of energy and material resources at the urban scale, including urban environmental sensing, the urban heat island effect, and urban metabolism. Students entering into the program are able to engage with active and ongoing research projects while pursuing their own intellectual and career agendas. These projects change regularly and individual faculty and research lab pages are the best resources for finding current research position opportunities.

See Graduate Programs for degree requirements.


PhD in Building Technology

The program is open to qualified students with a suitable background in technology and a degree in engineering, science or architecture. It provides a focus for those interested in the development and application of advanced technology for buildings. Students in this program take subjects in engineering disciplines along with subjects that deal with the application of these topics to buildings.

The minimum residency requirement for the PhD degree is two years; two or three years in residence beyond the SM degree are likely to be necessary. Those entering the program with only a bachelor's degree, should plan on completing the program in five years. Candidates are expected to be registered at MIT until the PhD dissertation is completed. Only under special circumstances will students be allowed to carry out any of their research while not in residence at MIT.

Each admitted applicant immediately begins research under the supervision of a faculty member while also taking course work. Most PhD research projects will be a portion of a sponsored research project.

Faculty Advising

Each student is assigned a Building Technology faculty advisor upon admission. Generally the same faculty member also supervises the student's research. The advisor weighs in on the initial plan of study, including the selection of a major and minor field, and on each term's choice of subjects. The advisor monitors the student's progress and assists the student in selecting a dissertation committee.

Doctoral Research Opportunity in Building Technology and Advanced Urbanism
The Norman B. Leventhal Center of Advanced Urbanism and Departments of Architecture and Urban Studies and Planning have established a collaborative doctoral-level concentration in Advanced Urbanism. Urbanism is a rapidly growing field that has many branches. At MIT, we speak of Advanced Urbanism as the field which integrates research on urban design, urbanization and urban culture.

The concentration in Advanced Urbanism seeks doctoral applicants (one to two per year) who have: 1) at least one professional design degree (in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, etc.); 2) research interests in urbanism that would draw upon both ARCH and DUSP faculty advising; and 3) a commitment to engage with the research community at the LCAU and within their home department throughout their time at MIT. Applicants should apply for admission to an existing ARCH or DUSP PhD program and must meet all specific admissions requirements of the respective PhD program. Admissions committees nominate applicants who fit the urbanism program to a joint advanced urbanism admissions committee. The selected applicants are admitted by their home department discipline group (DUSP; AKPIA, BT, Computation, HTC) with financial support and research assistantships from LCAU.

Prospective students with questions pertaining to the doctoral studies in Advanced Urbanism should reach out to their prospective home doctoral program and to LCAU doctoral committee members: Rafi Segal and Brent Ryan. Or to the mailing list 


Master of Science in Building Technology

The Master of Science in Building Technology (SMBT) provides a focus for graduate students interested in the development and application of advanced technology for buildings. Students in this program take relevant subjects in basic engineering disciplines along with subjects which apply these topics to buildings. The program accepts students with undergraduate degrees in a variety of engineering disciplines, in the physical sciences, or in architecture – with a suitable background in technology. Students also come to the program with diverse job experiences, from the design of space-conditioning equipment for buildings to the Peace Corps. All share both a keen interest in buildings and a thorough education in mathematics, physics, and other technical subjects.

Each student admitted to the SMBT program will take part in a research project. A major contribution to the student's education in this program comes from the experience gained carrying out research and design on the fundamentals of new technologies and their application to buildings. The research project will normally be on a subject under current investigation by an interdepartmental team of faculty and students from the Departments of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or by an individual faculty member. This research is used to fulfill the thesis requirement for the SMBT degree. The research projects, sponsored by industry and the government, give the students exposure to practitioners dealing with important issues in the building field.


The Master of Science in Architecture Studies (SMArchS) is a two-year program of advanced study founded on research and inquiry in architecture as a discipline and as a practice. The program is intended both for students who already have a professional degree in architecture and those interested in advanced non-professional graduate study.

SMArchS in Building Technology

Building Technology offers students the opportunity to explore critical topics for the future of the built environment and resources. This area explores ways to use design and technology to create buildings that contribute to a more humane and environmentally responsible built world. Strategies employed toward these ends include integrated architectural design strategies, resource accounting through material flow analysis and life cycle assessment, building and urban energy modeling and simulation, human comfort analysis and control design and engineering, and other technologically informed design methods. Students interested in any of these strategies will be challenged to address topics of clear and important relevance to the future of the built environment through creative and analytically rigorous approaches.

Research areas supervised by the faculty address innovative materials and assemblies, emerging and nontraditional building materials; low-energy and passive building energy strategies; innovative analysis and modeling of historic structures and various issues of energy; and material resources at the urban scale, including urban environmental sensing, the urban heat island effect, and urban metabolism. Ideally, students entering into the program will be incorporated into active and ongoing research projects while pursuing their own intellectual and career agendas. These projects change regularly and individual faculty are best informed of current research position opportunities.

Students will often work alongside students from other departments, including Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Urban Studies and Planning and others. The only class requirement stipulated by the BT group, 4.481 Building Technology Seminar, is offered during the first semester. BT SMArchS students will be accommodated in the Building Technology student lab area and will have the opportunity to work with and share their interests with BT students in other degree programs.

These areas of study are offered with the primary intention of providing the tools and perspectives necessary for changing the nature of the built environment toward a resource-efficient future. Students of diverse educational backgrounds and interests are considered.

Theses and Dissertations

Undergraduate Theses

Ballina, Mariana 
… BSA 2016, document title: Illuminating Education: Composition and Use of Lighting in Public K-12 Classrooms (Leslie Norford and Christoph Reinhart) 

Bukauskas, Aurimas 
… BSA 2015, document title: New Structural Systems in Small-Diameter Round Timber(Caitlin Mueller) 

Clonts, Kelly 
… BSAD 2011, document title: Methods to Improve School Design in Sierra Leone (Leslie Norford) 

Coston, Brianna 
… BSA 2015, document title: Comfort Analysis of Differences in Classroom Designs Between Socioeconomic Statuses (Leslie Norford) 

Fennessy, Kristian 
… BSA 2014, document title: Addressing the Problem with Natural Ventilation: Producing a Guide for Designers to Integrate Natural Ventilation into the Early Stages of Building Design(Leslie Norford) 

Ferriss, Lori 
… BSAD 2009, document title: Preservation of Early Wrought Iron Trusses: The 1848 Roof of the Cochituate Gatehouse (John Ochsendorf) 

Garbis, Leonidia 
… BSA 2013, document title: Lightweight Concrete: Investigations into the Production of Natural Fiber Reinforcement (John Fernandez) 

Gochenour, Sharon 
… BSAD 2010, document title: Witness to the Light: The evolution of Church Sanctuary Design and Standards of Comfort in the Last Century in Harrison County, Iowa (Marilyne Andersen) 

Granville, Alina 
… BSA 2012, document title: Sonic Facade: Creating a Sounding Architecture (John Fernandez) 

Gutierrez, Octavio 
… BSAD 2001, document title: Building Community While Building Responsibility: A Sustainable Housing Complex for Central Los Angeles (John Fernandez) 

Irani, Ali 
… BSA 2016, document title: Urban Building Energy Modeling and Retrofit Design as a Means to Inform Effective Public Policy: Boston Case Study (Christoph Reinhart) 

Jordan, Alexander 
… BSAD 2011, document title: Designing for Forces: An Early-Stage Design Program for Axial-Force Structures (John Ochsendorf) 

Kwack, Elizabeth 
… BSAD 2006, document title: Church Housing: A Symbol of Hospitality (John Fernandez) 

Mroszczyk, Lisa 
… BSAD 2004, document title: Rafael Guastaviono and the Boston Public Library (John Ochsendorf) 

Sparks, Devon 
… BSA 2013, document title: The Design and Implementation of a Smartphone Illuminance Meter (Christoph Reinhart) 

Strathairn, Ebberly 
… BSAD 2009, document title: Distributed Generation in the Urban Neighborhood (Leslie Norford) 

Voros, Jamie 
… BSA 2016, document title: One Size Does Not Fit All: Innovation in Emeergency Housing with a Focus on Nepal 2015 (Caitlin Müeller) 

Wagner, Mali 
… BSA 2014, document title: Structural Connections in Plywood Friction-Fit Construction(John Ochsendorf) 

MArch Theses

Akbarzadeh, Masoud 
… MArch 2011, document title: Hydropower Cities: a New Candidate for Eco-utopia (Nader Tehrani) 

Bentcheva, Yuliya 
… MArch 2012, document title: Modernizing the Passing Joint: A Standardized Building System to Facilitate Contemporary Bamboo Housing Construction in Regions of Economic Constraint (John Fernandez and Jan Wampler) 

Butler, Britta 
… MArch 2003, document title: ReWorking the City of Workers: A New Housing Paradigm for the Immigrant City (John Fernandez) 

Crane, Justin 
… MArch 2005, document title: An Indoor Public Space for a Winter City (John Fernandez) 

Cyphers, Scott 
… MArch 2003, document title: Field Crossings Hybridizing the Urban Park (John Fernandez) 

Davis, Lara 
… MArch 2010, document title: The 4-Dimensional Masonry Construction (Nader Tehrani and John Ochsendorf) 

Giesecke, Ken 
… MArch 2004, document title: Deployable Structures Inspired by the Origami Art (John Ochsendorf and Carol Burns) 

Greene, Aaron 
… MArch 2004, document title: Flux: Adaptable Architecture for a Dynamic Society (John Fernandez and John Ochsendorf) 

Griffith Zimmerly, Laurie 
… MArch 2001, document title: A Re-Connection: Modeling Built Works After Natural Systems (John Fernandez) 

Guiraud , Florence 
… MArch 2012, document title: Energy Flows: Empowering New Orleans (John Fernandez) 

Li, Bin 
… MArch 2014, document title: Earth to Earth: Reconcile Earth Housing with Soil Erosive Landform (Mark Jarzombek and John Ochsendorf) 

Mackey, Christopher 
… MArch 2015, document title: Pan Climatic Humans: Shaping Thermal Habits in an Unconditioned Society (Skylar Tibbits and Christoph Reinhart) 

Miller, Christopher 
… MArch 2013, document title: Deleveraging Domesticity: Incremental Design Forays on Middle Income Housing (John Ochsendorf and Brandon Clifford) 

Namkung, Kenneth 
… MArch 2003, document title: TALL: Rethinking the systems of the contemporary highrise(John Fernandez) 

Peinovich, Ella 
… MArch 2012, document title: Localized Design-Manufacture for Developing Countries: A Methodology for Creating Culturally Sustainable Architecture (John Fernandez) 

Ramage, Michael 
… MArch 2006, document title: Catalan Vaulting in Advanced Material: New Approaches to Contemporary Compressive Form (Fernando Domeyko and John Fernandez) 

Razvi, Amina 
… MArch 2002, document title: A Multilateral Design Methodology for Development Contexts: A Framework for the Dharavi Potters (John Fernandez) 

Skerry, Nathaniel 
… MArch 2002, document title: Transformed Materials: A Material Research Center in Milan, Italy (John Fernandez) 

Voiland, Luke 
… MArch 2008, document title: Risk Complex: Preparing the Body for New Hardware (John Fernandez) 

Weathers, Thomas 
… MArch 2007, document title: Opportunities for Building Design and Construction Resulting from Local Resources (John Fernandez) 

SMBT and SMArchS Theses

Ackerman, Christopher 
… SMBT 1996, document title: Structural Quality Assurance of Wood Light-Frame Construction Subject to Extreme Wind Hazards (Leonard Morse-Fortier and Sarah Slaughter) 

Arboleda, Gabriel, web page 
Assistant Professor of Environmental Design, Hampshire College 
… SMArchS 2004, document title: Houses in Heaven Are Made of Steel: Understanding Change in Ecuadorian Amazon Secoya Structures (John Ochsendorf) 
received a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley 

Arons, Daniel 
… SMBT 2000, document title: Properties and Applications of Double-Skin Building Facades(Leon Glicksman) 

Block, Philippe, web page 
Associate Professor of Architecture and Structure, ETH Zurich 
… SMArchS 2005, document title: Equilibrium Systems. Studies in Masonry Structure (John Ochsendorf) 
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Blum, David, web page 
Postdoctoral Researcher, The Berkeley Lab 
… SMBT 2013, document title: Analysis and Characterization of Ancillary Service Demand Response Strategies for Variable Air Volume HVAC Systems (Leslie Norford) 

Bosko, Kristie 
… SMBT 1996, document title: Metered Energy Consumption and Analysis of Energy Conservation Techniques in Desktop PCs and Workstations (Leslie Norford) 

Brown, Nathan, web page 
PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
… SMBT 2016, document title: Multi-Objective Optimization for the Conceptual Design of Structures (Caitlin Müeller) 

Bueno, Bruno, web page 
… SMBT 2010, document title: An Urban Weather Generator Coupling a Building Simulation Program with an Urban Canopy Model (Leslie Norford) 
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Carbone, Christopher 
… SMBT 2003, document title: Mainstreaming straw as a construction material; understanding the future of 
bio-based architectural materials (John Fernandez) 

Carrilho Da Graca, Guilherme, web page 
Assistant Professor in Building Energy Systems, University of Lisbon 
… SMBT 1999, document title: Ventilative Cooling (Qingyan Chen) 

Charlson, Joseph 
… SMBT 1997, document title: Straw Insulation Materials to Address Heating Fuel Requirements, Termal Comfort, and Natural Resource Depletion in Developing Regions(Leslie Norford) 

Chen, Max 
Developer, Epic! 
… SMBT 2001, document title: Interactive Specification and Acquisition of Depth from Single Images (Julie Dorsey) 

Chen, Shaw-Bing 
… SMArchS 1996, document title: Natural Ventilation Generates Building Form (Leslie Norford) 

Cheng, Haofan, web page 
… SMBT 2013, document title: Evaluating the Performance of Natural Ventilation in Buildings through Simulation and On-site Monitoring (Leon Glicksman) 

Cooke, Timothy, web page 
Architect, Payette 
… SMArchS 2012, document title: Lightweight Concrete: Investigations into the Production of Variable Density Cellular Materials (John Fernandez) 

Cordero, Elizabeth 
Senior Associate, Integrated Design 360, LLC 
… SMArchS 2001, document title: Sustainability in Architecture (Leon Glicksman) 

Costanza, David, web page 
Technology Fellow, Rice University 
… SMArchS 2015, document title: Fibrous Tectoniques (Joel Lamere) 

Dandridge, Cyane 
… SMBT 1994, document title: Energy Efficiency in Office Technology (Leslie Norford) 

Davis, Noel, web page 
Assistant Director of Planning, Facilities Management, Northwestern University 
… SMBT 2012, document title: Effects of Planning and Policy Decisions on Residential Land Use in Singapore (John Fernandez) 

De Wolf, Catherine, web page 
Research Assistant, University of Cambridge, UK 
… SMBT 2014, document title: Material quantities in building structures and their environmental impact (John Ochsendorf) 

Dean, Brian 
Energy Efficiency Division Analyst-Educator, International Energy Agency, Paris France 
… SMBT 2001, document title: Natural Ventilation Possibilities for Buildings in the United States (Leon Glicksman) 

Dee, Rocelyn 
Senior Asset Manager and Vice President, Wells Fargo & Company 
… SMArchS 2002, document title: Financial Analysis of Energy Efficient Facade Systems for Application in Commercial Office Developments (Leslie Norford) 

Dentz, Jordan 
… SMBT 1991, document title: The Design of a Panelized Roof System for Residential Construction (Leonard Morse-Fortier) 

Durschlag, Hannah, web page 
Enclosure Consultant, Vidaris, Inc. 
… SMBT 2012, document title: Air Leakage of Insulated Concrete Form Houses (John Ochsendorf and Leslie Norford) 

Gao, Yang 
… SMBT 2002, document title: Coupling of a Multizone Airflow Simulation Program with Computational Fluid Dynamics for Indoor Environmental Analysis (Qingyan Chen) 

Gayeski, Nicholas 
Partner, KGS Buildings 
… SMBT 2007, document title: New Methods for Measuring Spectral, Bi-Directional Transmission and Reflection Using Digital Cameras (Marilyne Andersen) 
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Geisinger, Jeffrey, web page 
Critic, Rhode Island School of Design 
… SMArchS 2015, document title: Improving In Place: A Passive Solar Design Approach to Public Housing Redevelopment (Christoph Reinhart and Brent Ryan) 

Goldstein, Kaitlin, web page 
… SMBT 2014, document title: Predicting the Potential for Energy Efficiency Retrofits in Single-Family Homes: An Exploration of Data Targeting Mechanisms (Leslie Norford and Roy Welsch) 

Gradillas, Madeline, web page 
… SMArchS 2015, document title: Analysis and Design for Thermally Autonomous Housing in Resource-Constrained Communities: A Case Study in Bhuj, India (Leon Glicksman) 

Harvey, Henry 
… SMBT 1997, document title: Development of Straw Insulation Board: Fabrication Methods, Structure, Thermal Performance (Leon Glicksman) 

Hill, Roger 
… SMBT 1995, document title: Applied Change of Mean Detection Techniques for HVAC Fault Detection and Diagnosis and Power Monitoring (Leslie Norford) 

Holden, Katherine 
… SMBT 1995, document title: A Scale Model Study of Displacement Ventilation with Chilled Ceilings (Leon Glicksman) 

Hsu, Sophia 
… SMBT 2011, document title: Improving the Quality and Transparency of Building Life Cycle Assessment (John Ochsendorf) 

Hu, George, web page 
Principal, Air Water Energy Engineers, Inc. 
… SMBT 1999, document title: Energy and First Costs Analysis of Displacement and Mixing Ventilation Systems for U. S. Buildings and Climates (Qingyan Chen) 

Huang, Jeffrey 
Associate, ARUP 
… SMBT 2001, document title: Modeling Contaminant Exposure in a Single-Family House(Qingyan Chen) 

Keller, Alexander, web page 
Senior Project Design Manager, SunPower Corporation 
… SMArchS 2013, document title: Recharging the Facade: Designing and Constructing Novel BIPV Assemblies (John Fernandez) 

Kienzl, Nico 
… SMBT 1999, document title: Advanced Building Skins: Translucent Thermal Storage Elements (Chris Luebkeman) 

Kleindienst, Sian 
Partner, KGS Buildings 
… SMBT 2006, document title: Improving the Daylighting Conditions of Existing Buildings: The Benefits and Limitations of Integrating Anidolic Daylighting Systems Using the American Classroom As a Model (Marilyne Andersen) 
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Kobayashi, Nobukazu 
… SMBT 2001, document title: Floor-Supply Displacement Ventilation System (Qingyan Chen) 

Lau, Wanda 
… SMBT 2006, document title: Equilibrium Analysis of Masonry Domes (John Ochsendorf) 

Law, Sinyan 
… SMBT 1997, document title: Daylighting Design Using a Non-linear Optimization Technique (Dorsey/Norford) 

Lloyd, Michael 
… SMBT 2010, document title: Unique Airflow Visualization Techniques for the Design and Validation of Above-Plenum Data Center CFD Models (Leon Glicksman) 

Lorenzetti, Dave, web page 
Software Developer, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab 
… SMBT 1992, document title: Energy Minimization Principles and the Use of Adjustable Speed Fans in Variable Air Volume Ventiliation Systems (Leslie Norford) 
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Love, Andrea, web page 
Director of Building Science & Associate Principal, Payette 
… SMArchS 2011, document title: Material Impacts on Operational Energy Usage (Leslie Norford) 

Low, Man-Shi 
… SMBT 2005, document title: Material Flow Analysis of Concrete in the United States(John Ochsendorf) 

McCormick, Michael 
… SMBT 1994, document title: A Panelized Roof System for Residential Construction: Development, Application, and Evaluation (Leonard Morse-Fortier) 

McGuire, Molly 
… SMBT 2005, document title: A System for Optimizing Interior Daylight Distribution Using Reflective Venetian Blinds with Independent Blind Angle Control (Leon Glicksman) 

Meguro, Wendy, web page 
Assistant Professor, University of Hawai, Manoa 
… SMArchS 2005, document title: Beyond Blue and Red Arrows: Optimizing Natural Ventilatioon in Large Buildings (Leslie Norford and Andrew Scott) 

Moreno, John 
… SMBT 1991, document title: Radiative Transfer and Thermal Performance Levels in Foam Insulation Boardstocks (Leon Glicksman) 

Nagata, Rochelle 
… SMBT 1997, document title: Residential Building Design: Comprehensive Comparative Guidelines for Building Single Family Dwelling in Hawaii (Jerome Connor and Chris Luebkeman) 

Nakamura, Takashi 
… SMBT 1994, document title: Technological Rules and Constraints Affecting Design of Precast Concrete Housing (Leonard Morse-Fortier) 

Nakano, Aiko, web page 
Creative Developer, Sosolimited, Boston, Ma 
… SMBT 2015, document title: Urban Weather Generator User Interface Development: Towards a Usable Tool for Integrating Urban Heat Island Effect within Urban Design Process(Leslie Norford) 

Neugebauer, Adam, web page 
… SMBT 2013, document title: Thermal Properties of Granular Silica Aerogel for High Performance Insulation Systems (Leon Glicksman) 

Noiva, Karen, web page 
PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
… SMBT 2011, document title: Modeling the Water Consumption of Singapore Using System Dynamics (John Fernandez) 

Okutan, Galip Mehmet 
… SMBT 1995, document title: Scale Model Studies of Displacement Ventilation (Leon Glicksman and Leslie Norford) 

Oliver, Eric 
… SMBT 1994, document title: Heat Pipe Dehumidification for Supermarket Energy Savings(Leslie Norford) 

Olsen, Erik 
… SMBT 2002, document title: Performance Comparison of U.K. Low-Energy Cooling Systems by Energy Simulation (Qingyan Chen) 

Ospelt, Christoph 
… SMBT 1999, document title: A Framework for Sustainable Buildings: An Application to China (Leon Glicksman) 

Osser, Roselin 
… SMBT 2007, document title: Development of Two Heliodon Systems at MIT and Recommendations for Their Use (Marilyne Andersen and Leslie Norford) 

Parsons, Austin 
… SMBT 2004, document title: An Analysis of Residential Window Waterproofing Systems(Leon Glicksman) 

Pechacek, Christopher 
Chief of Criteria and Standards and Architect, Defense Health Agency 
… SMArchS 2008, document title: Space, Light, and Time: Prospective Analysis of Circadian Illumination for Health-Based Daylighting with Applications to Healthcare Architecture(Marilyne Andersen) 

Plunkett, William, web page 
Senior Associate, CBRE 
… SMBT 2016, document title: The Roman Pantheon: Scale-Model Collapse (John Ochsendorf) 
received a MBA from Yale University 

Quinn, David 
Data Scientist, coUrbanize 
… SMBT 2008, document title: Modeling the Resource Consumption of Housing in New Orleans Using System Dynamics (John Fernandez) 
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Rafiuly, Paul 
Chief Operating Officer, Trimegah Securities 
… SMBT 2000, document title: Minimizing Electricity Costs with an Auxiliary Generator using Stochastic Programming (Leslie Norford and John Tsitsiklis) 

Ramos, Jose I, web page 
Design and Construction Program Manager, US Air Force Medical 
… SMArchS 2013, document title: Energy Reduction Strategies for Existing Air Force Healthcare Facilities (Leon Glicksman) 

Reese-Anderson, Megan 
… SMBT 2008, document title: Structural Analysis and Assessment of Guastavino Vaulting(John Ochsendorf) 

Revi, Frank 
… SMBT 1992, document title: Measurement of Two-dimensional Concentration Fields of a Glycol-based Tracer Aerosol Using Laser Light Sheet Illumination and Microcomputer Video Image Acquisition and Processing (James Axley) 

Rice, Edward O, web page 
Project Architect, Ann Beha Architects 
… SMArchS 2006, document title: Daylight in Facade Renewal: Using New Metrics to Inform the Retrofitting of Aging Modern-era Facade Types (Marilyne Andersen) 

Rockcastle, Siobhan, web page 
PhD Student, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 
… SMArchS 2011, document title: Daylight Variability and Contrast-Driven Architectural Effect (Marilyne Andersen and Terry Knight) 

Rose, Cody, web page 
Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
… SMBT 2015, document title: Towards Interactive Sustainable Neighborhood Design: Combining a Tangible User Interface With Real Time Building Simulations (Christoph Reinhart) 

Saad, Omar, web page 
Principal, Saad Acustica 
… SMArchS 2004, document title: Soundfield Simulation: the Prediction and Validation of Acoustical Behavior with Computer Models (Leslie Norford and Carl Rosenberg) 
received a MEng from Universidad Iberoamericana 

Saiyed, Zahraa 
Structural Designer, Mar Structural Design 
… SMArchS 2012, document title: Optimizing Resilience : Performance Based Assessment of Retrofits for Wood-frame Housing in San Francisco (John Fernandez) 
received a MEng. From Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Saldivar-Sali, Artessa 
… SMBT 2010, document title: A Global Typology of Cities: Classification Tree Analysis of Urban Resource Consumption (John Fernandez) 

Samuels Aidoo, Fallon, web page 
Lecturer, Harvard University 
… SMArchS 2007, document title: Valuable Bridges: Cable-Stayed Bridges and Value Engineering in American Civil Engineering Culture, 1969-1979 (John Ochsendorf) 

Settlemyre, Kevin 
… SMBT 2000, document title: Operational, Aesthetic, and Construction Process Performance for 
Innovative Passive and Active Solar Building Components for Residential 
Buildings (Chris Luebkeman and Sarah Slaughter) 

Shapiro, Elaine, web page 
… SMBT 2012, document title: Collapse Mechanisms of Small-Scale Unreinforced Masonry Vaults (John Ochsendorf) 

Sih, Shuh-Hwa 
… SMBT 1994, document title: Enhancing Pedestrian Access and Neighborhood Integrity in Boston's North End: A Mixed Use Approach Utilizing the Existing Highway Structure(Rosemary Grimshaw) 

Stigge, Byron 
Director, Level Agency for Infrastructure 
… SMBT 2001, document title: Informed Home Energy Behavior: Developing a Tool for Homeowners to Monitor, Plan and Learn about Energy Conservation (Leslie Norford) 
received a MDes from Harvard University 

Street, Michael, web page 
Director of Research, Pattern r+d 
… SMBT 2013, document title: Comparison of Simplified Models of Urban Climate for Improved Prediction of Building Energy Use in Cities (Christoph Reinhart) 

Su, Leo, web page 
Control Systems Engineer, eCurv, Inc 
… SMBT 2015, document title: Demonstration of HVAC Chiller Control for Power Grid Frequency Regulation (Leslie Norford) 

Su, Jimmy 
… SMBT 1995, document title: Structural Engineering for Northern Pakistan: Indigenous Architecture and Earthquake Resistance (Leonard Morse-Fortier) 

Sullivan, Gregory 
… SMBT 1995, document title: Energy Conservation and Thermal Comfort in Buildings in Northern Pakistan (Leslie Norford) 

Taneda, Makoto 
… SMBT 1996, document title: Application of Life Cycle Costing Method to a Renovation Project (Leonard Morse-Fortier) 

Tapia, Jason 
Principal, Building Center No. 3 
… SMArchS 2010, document title: Regionalism and the Design of Low-Rise Building Envelope Systems (John Fernandez John Ochsendorf) 

Taylor, Paki 
President/CEO, IKAP Energy Design, Inc. 
… SMArchS 2001, document title: Applications of Sustainable Technology to Retrofits in Urban Areas (Leon Glicksman) 

Truong, Phan, web page 
Building Scientist, BR+A Consulting Engineers 
… SMBT 2012, document title: Recommendations for the Analysis and Design of Naturally Ventilated Buildings in Urban Areas (Leslie Norford) 

Truong, Phan 
Building Scientist, BR+A Consulting Engineers 
… SMArchS 2010, document title: Improving the Fanger Models Thermal Comfort Predictions for Naturally Ventilated Spaces (Leon Glicksman) 
received a SMBT from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Turan, Irmak, web page 
PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
… SMArchS 2016, document title: From Sink to Stock: The Potential for Recycling Materials from the Existing Built Environment (John Fernandez) 

Vazquez, Maribel 
… SMBT 1996, document title: The Effects of Altering Air Velocities in Operational Clean Rooms (Leon Glicksman) 

Webb, Amanda, web page 
PhD Student, Penn State University 
… SMArchS 2012, document title: Mapping Comfort: An Analysis Method for Understanding Diversity in the Thermal Environment (John Fernandez) 

Xing, Hai-Yun (Helen) 
Quantitative Trader, Cubist Systematic Strategies 
… SMBT 2000, document title: Desiccant Dehumidification Analysis (Leon Glicksman and Leslie Norford) 
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Yi, Lu, web page 
Professor, Tsinghua University 
… SMArchS 2008, document title: A New Approach in Data Visualization to Integrate Time and Space Variability of Daylighting in the Design Process (Marilyne Andersen and Takehiko Nagakura) 

Zakula, Tea, web page 
Research Assistant, University of Zagreb 
… SMBT 2010, document title: Heat Pump Simulation Model and Optimal Variable-Speed Control for a Wide Range of Cooling Conditions (Leslie Norford) 
received a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Zhang, Qin, web page 
… SMBT 2016, document title: Modellng and Characterizing Bi-directional Airflow in Natural Ventilation (Leon Glicksman) 

Zhang, Jinsong 
Machinery Engineer, Shell Martinez Refinery 
… SMBT 2001, document title: Modeling VOC Sorption of Building Materials and its Impact on Indoor Air Quality (Qingyan Chen) 

PhD Dissertations

Armstrong, Peter, web page 
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Masdar Institute, UAE 
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