Arch/SCC Special Seminar: Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo y Lopez: Creativity, Matter, Computers and Minds



In this talk, Dr. García del Castillo will discuss what it might mean to remain creative in a world where our creativity is systematically mediated, augmented and, most recently, challenged by computational systems. Drawing from the fields of cognitive science, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence and philosophy, and illustrated by some of his own research, Jose Luis will offer perspectives in the ways intelligence has been modeled computationally, how do we currently understand and measure creativity and, in particular, the role it plays when we design and make things with computers.


Jose Luis García del Castillo y López is an architect, computational designer, and educator. He advocates for a future where programming and code are tools as natural to artists as paper and pencil. In his work, he explores creative opportunities at the intersection of design, technology, fabrication, data, and art.  Jose Luis is a registered architect, Doctor of Design and Master in Design Studies in Technology by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. As a structural engineer at Ayesa, he has consulted for international firms such as OMA, Mecanoo, and Cesar Pelli. Additionally, he has worked as Data Visualization Architect at Fathom Information Design, designing and building platforms to help clients such as Google, Samsung, and Nike understand their data. More recently, he has worked as Research Engineer within the Generative Design Group at Autodesk Inc., developing experimental prototypes to disrupt the AEC industry through advanced robotics and machine learning. Jose Luis is also the co-founder of ParametricCamp, an international organization whose mission is to spread the knowledge of computational design among designers and architects.