Explore our inaugural student publication Imprint 01

Imprint is a publication designed and compiled by graduate students at MIT Architecture. A collective document that makes space for every student who chooses to participate, Imprint privileges breadth and inclusion. It is a material trace that documents the Department of Architecture over the course of one semester. Each issue encapsulates current critical and creative work produced across discipline groups and formats. Imprint 01 is a handshake—a first impression—that is simultaneously a memory. This inaugural issue, conceived of during a dispersed and mostly virtual semester, relies on a future commitment to transform into an ongoing archive. Although the Department is currently untethered to a single place, building or region, Imprint 01 is a reflection of a place in time. Collecting and binding together work from all five branches of the school allows us a vantage point that had remained inaccessible even when our hallways and studios were full of energy and conversation.

Imprint 01 includes work from Fall 2020 studios, workshops, and courses in the MIT Department of Architecture. Imprint 02 will feature work from Spring 2021, and will be available online in the Fall.

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Imprint 01 team:

Patricia Dueñas Gerritsen
Carol-Anne Rodrigues
Alice Jia Li Song
Emily Wissemann

Miko McGinty
Nicholas de Monchaux
Amanda Moore