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Fall 2020

Review Book: https://issuu.com/mitarchitecture/docs/20-01-05_marchthesisbookletsqsinglep 

Master of Architecture (M.Arch)
Website: https://www.mitmarchthesis.com/theses

Post -arium
Arditha Auriyane
Advisor: Mariana Ibanez

Priced Out of ParadiseReconsidering cooperatives in response to climate gentrification in Miami’s communities of color
Adiel Alexis Benitez
Advisor: Miho Mazereeuw

To Know is to EmpowerChagos Institute of Environmental Humanities
Chen Chu
Advisor: Miho Mazereew

Reclaiming the EstrangedReimagining the Architecture of the Excess
Sydney Cinalli
Advisor: Brandon Clifford, Deborah Garcia

Ferrous FuturesScenario Planning for Global Steel
Charlotte D'Acierno, Clarence Lee, Jaehun Woo
Advisor: Mariana Ibanez

Seven Ways of Reading The House of the Seven Gables
Isadora Dannin
Advisor: Mark Jarzombek

Gardens of Resistance
Nynika Jhaveri
Advisor: Azra Aksamija

After AuraAuthorship, Automation, Authenticity
Kailin J. Jones
Advisor: Azra Aksamija

The Factory of Coexistence
Melika Konjicanin
Advisor: Cristina Parreño Alonso

Screen Time
Jeffrey Landman
Advisor: Rania Ghosn

Architecture for Revision
Emma Pfeiffer
Advisor: Rosalyne Shieh

David Allen White
Advisor: Mark Jarzombek



Spring 2021

Review Book: https://issuu.com/mitarchitecture/docs/21-05-21_allthesisbookletpages

Master of Architecture (M.Arch)
Website: https://mit-march-sp21.com/

The Houseful(l)ness of Public Space
Xio Alvarez (M.Arch & MCP)
Advisor: Miho Mazereeuw, Larry Vale

Still StandingCooperative strategies for the renovation of Soviet mass housing
Ben Hoyle, Eytan Levi (M.Arch & MSRED)
Advisor: Ana Miljački

Concetividad AlegalRemaking and Resilience in the bay of Havana      
Lucas Igarzabal, Marissa Concetta Waddle
Advisor: Hans Tursack

M.I.celium mexicanusRejecting Modernity through Zapotec Futurism
Lynced Torres
Advisor: Sheila Kennedy
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Heirlooms: In Search of the Fifth Ecology
Erin Wong
Advisor: Sheila Kennedy

Building / Unbuilding 
Andrew Younker
Advisor: Azra Akšamija

Space of MindThe Hidden Architecture in the Time of Pandemic
Ziyu Xu
Advisor: Axel Killian


Master of Science in Architecture Studies (SMArchS)

SMArchS Architecture + Urbanism

Third Landscape
Dries Carmeliet
Advisor: Rania Ghosn

Mediating ChanaSeeding Synergies Between Doves and Development
Eakapob Huangthanapan
Advisor: Miho Mazereeuw

Mokumitsu Districts in TokyoUrban Renewal by Housing Cooperatives against Disaster Risk
Ryuhei Ichikura
Advisor: Miho Mazereeuw

To Build Home and To Live In (U)Hygge
Wuyahuang Li
Advisor: Mark Jarzombek

Collecting IdealsRe-Envisioning Ejidos as Climate-Action Platforms
Luis Alberto Meouchi Velez
Advisor: Lorena Bello Gomez, Nicholas de Monchaux

Made in Rural China
Siyuan Sheng
Advisor: Brent Ryan

Generative Urban Design toward Thermal SynergyInspire sustainable urban configuration under distributive heating & cooling schemes
Qianqian Wan
Advisor: Caitlin Mueller

SMArchS Architecture Design

Velvet GarageNarratives of an Education in Architecture
Marianna Gonzalez-Cervantes
Advisor: Liam O'Brien

NightriseThrough the Valley of Jabal ‘Amil’s Shadow
Mohamad Nahleh
Advisor: Sheila Kennedy

SMArchS Building Technology

Mass BalanceDesign Strategies for Lightweight, Thermally Massive Construction Systems
Eduardo Gascón Alvarez
Advisor: Caitlin Mueller

Evaluating Overheating Preventative Measures in Residential Buildings and Passive Survivability
Yesufu Oladipo
Advisor: Les Norford

SMArchS Computation

A Machine Learning Model for Understanding How Users Value DesignsApplications for Designers and Consumers
Jeremy Bilotti (SMArchS Computation & SM in CS)
Advisor: Terry Knight

The Untold Narratives
Rania Sameh Kaadan
Advisor: Terry Knight

Sonic OthersMetaphorical Sonification of Collective Events
Wonki Kang
Advisor: Axel Killian

Networking Knowledge and ExperienceAn Instrumental System for the Personal Development of Individual Designers
Bowen Lu
Advisor: George Stiny

Sonic Urban TransformationsA Computational Model to Study and Represent Temporal Changes in the Walking Experience
Elina Oikonomaki
Advisor: Terry Knight

Monstrous SpaceArchitectural Production in an Age of Algorithms
Alexandra Waller
Advisor: Larry Sass

Investigating Design IntentionsUse of Eye Tracking and Machine Leearning to Study Perception of Architecture
Xiaoyun Zhang
Advisor: Takehiko Nagakura

SMArchS History, Theory & Criticism

"A Great Civilizing Agent"Architecture at MIT, Drawing Education, and Boston's Cultural Elite, 1865-1881
Katherine Dubbs
Advisor: Arindam Dutta

Surveilling Sin: Locating Sodomy in the Early Modern Florentine Bathhouse
Aidan Flynn
Advisor: Kristel Smentek, Jodi Cranston

SMArchS Aga Khan Program

Fractured and Dissolved, Architecture AblazeTowards an Understanding of Ayeneh-Kari in Iranian Palaces
Reza Daftarian
Advisor: Nasser Rabbat

Scripting Inclusion
Amanda Merzaban
Advisor: Renee Green


Master of Science in Building Technolgy (SMBT)

Using Urban Building Energy Modeling to Meet Carbon Emission TargetsA Case Study of Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Zachary Berzolla
Advisor: Christoph Reinhart

Early Design Stage Building Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) of Cost & Carbon ImpactA Seamless Addition to the Conceptual Design Process
Jingyi Liu
Advisor: Jeremy Gregory, Randy Kirchain, Les Norford

Machine Learning for Human DesignDeveloping Next Generation Sketch-Based Tools
Bryan Ong Wen Xi (SMBT & MEng in CEE)
Advisor: Caitlin Mueller

On the Relationship Between Spatial-Temporal Outdoor Thermal Comfort Simulations and Bike Ridership
Elizabeth Young
Advisor: Christoph Reinhart


Bachelor of Science in Art and Design (BSAD)

Digital Narratives for Self-Therapy
Rachel Seo Yeon Kwak
Advisor: Lee Moreau

Digital Communities x Collaborative Storytelling
Clare Liut (BSAD & SB in 2A)
Advisor: Mikael Jakobsson

Concrete Alternatives for Large Scale Additive Manufacturing
Chloe Nelson-Arzuaga
Advisor: Skylar Tibbits

Image Credits:

01. Ferrous Futures. Courtesy of Charlotte D’Acierno, Clarence Lee and Jaehun Woo (MArch).

02. Space of Mind. Courtesy of Ziyu Xu (MArch).

03. Nightrise. Courtesy of Mohamad Nahleh (SMArchS Architecture Design)

04. Untold Narratives. Courtesy of Rania Kaadan (SMArchS Computation).

05. Mediating Chana. Courtesy of Eakapob Huangthanapan (SMArchS Urbanism).

06. To Build Home and To Live In (U)Hygge. Courtesy of Wuyahuang Li (SMArchS Urbanism).

07. Concetividad Alegal. Courtesy of Lucas Igarzabal and Marissa Concetta Waddle (MArch).

08. The Houseful(l)ness of Public Space. Courtesy of Xio Alvarez (MArch + MCP).

09. Mass Balance. Courtesy of Eduardo Gascón Alvarez (SMArchS Building Technology).

10. Early Design Stage Building Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) of Cost & Carbon Impact. Courtesy of Jingyi Liu (SMBT).