Spring 2024 public program

MIT Architecture is pleased to announce our spring 2024 public program; a continuing conversation on where we are now, as always centered on our department’s convergence of design and research.  

In the Spring of 2024, our program engages a series of  Shifting Outlooks; spatial narratives in the age of artificial intelligence; editing architectural journals; conversations on care; building a Latinx aesthetic and ethos into the United States; imagining communities through architecture; designed and realized low carbon footprint projects; colonial climate engineering in the age of anxiety; “citizenship culture” at the US-Mexico border; and soft power frameworks. At each event, we invite in-person visitors and remote audiences to study and question how architecture shapes the ways we make, and change, the world. 

This series is a collaboration between the faculty, staff, and students of MIT’s Department of Architecture, including architects, designers, urbanists, historians, critics, theorists, artists, social entrepreneurs, and experts in computation and building technology. MIT Architecture also continues our collaboration with MIT’s Morningside Academy for Design. 

Alongside these academic programs and public events, student- and faculty-run exhibits, publications, and platforms expand our agenda. Spring 2024 features three exhibitions in our Keller Gallery: Drawing Experience, selected works from “A Form of Practice” by Adèle Naudé Santos, opening February 16 and Represent Her by Shift-W, opening in mid-April.

Events are held in-person, and streamed on our Youtube channel. We invite you to explore the full public program below and find more details including links to webcasts on our events calendar. Learn more about all we do at architecture.mit.edu.

Spring 2024 public program, MIT Department of Architecture

February 22: Chantal Matar
“Spatial Narratives in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”
Presented with the Design and Computation Group

February 29: Léopold Lambert
“Editing The Funambulist”
Presented with the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture

March 7: Marija Marić with Ana Miljački 
“Conversations On Care: Marija Marić”
Presented with the Architecture and Urbanism Group

March 14: Héctor Tobar
“Building a Latinx Aesthetic and Ethos into the United States”
The MIT NOMAS Lecture

March 21: Anissa Touati
“Imagining Communities through Architecture: The Mediterranean Sea as a Constellation”
Presented with the Art, Culture, and Technology Program 

April 9: Lesley Lokko
The 29th Pietro Belluschi Lecture

April 11: Matthias Schuler
“How to reduce carbon emission in construction and operation of buildings? Designed and realized project examples of low to zero carbon footprint projects”
Presented with the Building Technology Group

April 18: Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman
Co-presented with the Architecture and Urbanism Group and the Morningside Academy for Design 

April 25: Anne Lacaton and Arine Aprahamian
In Conversation
Presented in partnership with Rolex

May 2: Philipp Lehmann
“Desert Edens: Colonial Climate Engineering in the Age of Anxiety”
Presented with the History, Theory and Criticism of Art and Architecture Group

Our spring 2024 public program is supported in-part by the Arthur H. Schein (1951) Memorial Fund.