Thresholds 50: The Exhibition

On view April 22-May 18, 2022
MIT Keller Gallery 7-408

On the occasion of its anniversary issue, Thresholds 50: The Exhibition invites readers to join the editorial team of Thresholds 50: Before | After to look backwards and forwards at pasts, futures, and present possibilities. Featuring new research, creative interventions by contributors past and present, and the republication of past articles, the exhibition brings together voices and perspectives from across Thresholds’ thirty-year history.

The exhibition seeks to complicate the implied linearity of the phrase “before and after,” turning to the medium of the journal itself as a site of layered, spontaneous, multidirectional, and reflective encounters, which are never quite complete or resolved even at the moment of printing and publication. By turning the history of the journal inside out and engaging the text with readers and visitors, the exhibit seeks to “rewrite” key moments in time through the shared perspectives and experiences of new audiences.

Curated by Jola Idowu MArch ’23, Ardalan SadeghiKivi MArch ’23, Antonio Pacheco PhD student HTC, and Meriam Soltan SMArchS AKPIA ’22.

The exhibition was supported by the Department of Architecture at MIT, the Graham Foundation, and the Council for the Arts at MIT. Additional funding and support was provided by Tom Beischer PhD ’04, Jorge-Otero Pailos PhD ’02, and Anonymous, and patrons Mark and Elaine Beck, Robert F. Drum, Gail Fenske, Nancy Stieber, and Nader Tehrani.

Special thanks to the Keller Gallery exhibition team: Amanda Moore, Aidan Flynn, Nanase Shirokawa, Daisy Ziyan Zhang, and Jim Harrington.

If you are not a member of the MIT community and would like to visit the exhibition, please contact for further information. 

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