Amanda Ugorji

Amanda Ugorji is a designer and artist interested in the potential for interdisciplinary design to act as a conduit for justice and equity. She is currently a third-year candidate pursuing a Masters degree in Architecture at MIT. Previous to her time at MIT, she worked in film and urban planning/community engagement. In her undergraduate degree, she investigated topics such as the many social-industrial complexes that dominate the economic structures in the US, the spatialization of memory, Black feminist practices, and the historical role of women in architecture. Her goal as a practitioner is to be able to utilize the wide variety of knowledge she has gained, as well as the knowledge and experiences of others, to apply herself to contextually specific problems from the perspective of design.


She was the recipient of the John A Lyons fellowship in 2021. She is the current recipient of the Marjorie Pierce [1922] / Dean William Emerson Fellowship Award - awarded to a second-year female Master of Architecture student in recognition of outstanding academic and design achievement.

She is a recent recipient of a Council of the Arts at MIT grant in 2021. As well as a CAMIT seed grant in 2022.

She was awarded the Ennis Research Grant and the Harold Horowitz (1951) Student Research Fund to pursue independent research centering the relationship between space and belonging in 2022.

In 2021, she co-founded just practice with Sophie Weston Chien.