Angelo Bucci

Professor of the Practice

For 30 years, Angelo Bucci has been dedicated to building and thinking architecture,
sharing his time between both professional and academic activities. These parallel
fields define a special approach to the projects by SPBR, founded in 2003, in which
professional demands are understood as an engaging opportunity to research and
speculate on new ideas.
His projects engage critically with the paradigms of modern architecture, highlighting
the importance of structural accuracy and distinctness, construction viability,
transparency, and, most importantly, the understanding of urban space as a field of
dialogue among architectural works. SPBR has attained an increasing recognition
through awards, conferences, publications and exhibitions in Brazil and abroad
during the last fifteen years.
The office has as its major motivation the exploration of a field of unrealized
possibles, aiming at a meaningful design practice, informed by previous
experiences and responsive to a proper use of resources, in which the human and
the environmental appear as one.

Angelo Bucci
Sao Paulo, Reasons for Architecture: The Dissolution of Buildings and How to Pass Through Walls
The Centerline Series, UT Austin