Berfin Ataman

Berfin Ataman is a Turkish designer and reseracher. Her work explores humans' interactions with their surroundings and the non-human. She strives to challenge the influence exerted by human-made systems, such as society, culture, and architecture, on our perception of the non-human. She investigates the neurological and psychological effects of our interactions with them through soft robotics and other new technologies while considering the impact of our societal and cultural backgrounds on our perception. Additionally, she experiments with ideas on how to alter these interactions for a more symbiotic relationship. Ultimately, her objective is to encourage deep reflection on these intricate relationships and the potential consequences they may hold for the future.

Her works have been showcased in galleries and museums, such as the CICA Museum, the Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles, the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art, and Arkas Art Center Izmir. She was awarded the Design Award by The Architecture and Design Museum.

She received her BFA in Theatre Design from the University of Southern California, her Post-Baccalaureate degree from the School of Art Institute Chicago, and her MFA from UCLA, Design Media Arts. She is currently a lecturer at UCLA Design Media Arts Department.


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