Brandon Clifford

Associate Professor

Brandon Clifford mines ancient construction techniques to envision transformative architectural futures. Renowned for animating megalithic sculptures to perform tasks, he is the director and co-founder of Matter Design and an associate professor of architecture at MIT. Clifford has pioneered 'projective archaeology,' architecture's version of magical realism, which creatively blends historical events with imaginary futures.

Clifford received his Master of Architecture from Princeton University and his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Georgia Tech. He has held prestigious positions such as the LeFevre Fellow at The Ohio State University and the John G. Williams Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Arkansas.

His acclaimed book, 'The Cannibal’s Cookbook,' exemplifies his dedication to integrating ancient wisdom into contemporary practice with theatrical captivation. His notable projects at Matter Design, including 'Walking Assembly,' 'Cyclopean Cannibalism,' and 'Janus,' highlight his commitment to merging technical skill with cultural significance, ceremony, and mythology.

Clifford's innovative approach has earned him numerous awards, including the American Academy in Rome Prize, TED Fellowship, MacDowell Fellowship, SOM Prize, Design Biennial Boston Award, and the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects & Designers. His speculative built works challenge conventional practices and propose ancient yet relevant solutions to contemporary issues.

In his recent work, Clifford explores the potential of architecture as a mutagen, initiating new directions and expanding the role of the architect through spectacle, mysticism, and innovative design. His visionary projects redefine the boundaries of architectural practice, projecting new, viable constructive opportunities for the future.