Christina Battikha

SMArchS AD '24 Candidate

Christina is an architect and designer currently pursuing her Master of Science in Architecture Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has received her Bachelor of Architecture and Minor of Art History from the American University of Beirut in 2019.

Her work brings together speculation and design to imagine, highlight, and explore issues of matter, climate, and consumerism while proposing alternatives to inhabiting the ever-changing built environment. Using a temporal lens to explore the human-made environment, her work questions the current methods of consuming and producing the inhabited Earth. Christina‚Äôs research tends to navigate the presence of the ephemeral human agency in shaping the present territory throughout scales of long time and a constant longing for permanence.

Prior to her research at MIT, Christina has worked on architectural projects and competitions in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Christina enjoys the design process. She values architecture as a product of both thought and practice as she believes in a design that fosters both thinking and making. She challenges the process as a venture into the unknown and a leap she always choses to take.