Courage Dzidula Kpodo

Dzidula is a Master of Architecture, 2025, candidate at the MIT SA+P.

He has a background in architecture from KNUST in Ghana. His interests include the use of design as a tool to create social equity in Sub-Saharan African contexts. Through this, he has a honed-in interest on housing and sustainability and how this intersects with the cultural and spiritual associations people make with lived spaces. This intersection for him should be realized in the face of the rapid urbanization happening on the continent.

He is a 2021-2022 candidate of MIT DesignX and co-founder of ReStacks, which aims to create modular housing units in underutilized spaces to invert city sprawl, revise antiquated building codes, provide accessible (not just affordable) housing, and to increase equity for the home-owner. Their pilot phase is in the US midwest with the potential and plan to scale to overlooked spaces in rapidly-growing cities in the world's developing nations.